Legal services


Legal services

Our understanding of your business allows our legal team to take into consideration the specific nature of the sector you operate in and the specific legal issues common to your industry in Kazakhstan. We provide a comprehensive service, to help you ensure that you are always in compliance with Kazakhstan and international law.

Legal practice

Today's multinational organizations need legal advisors who can assist them with both day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events and who can serve them well in many jurisdictions. We offer legal services in the following areas:

Environmental law in Kazakhstan

The violation of ecological laws and regulations is often unintentional, but any company found guilty can face fines running to many millions. This has a significant impact on the business and its reputation.

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Areas of consultancy in greatest demand

  • Advice on corporate law
  • Advice to businesses facing high levels of state regulation
  • Crporate management and the law
  • Legal support for M&A and reorganization
  • Legal advice on IPOs
  • Preparation and analysis of all contract types
  • Advice on intellectual property issues
  • Advice on all aspects of the law as it applies to the  oil & gas, real estate and construction sectors
  • Financial law, including stock market, insurance, banking and leasing legislation, and currency exchange regulation

"Deloitte Legal" means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firm affiliates that provide legal services. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services.