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HR Transformation: Driving organizations to success with Deloitte Luxembourg

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to driving value through HR. While not every HR initiative may be transformative, we believe that every HR investment can contribute to creating value. Our HRT (HR Transformation) practitioners excel at forging a direct path to High Impact. We believe that technology will play the central role in the coming transformations. Therefore, organizations must be equipped with strong HR leaders, efficient capabilities and processes before embracing the coming changes. Partner with us to leverage our expertise in HR transformation and unlock the full potential of your HR function. Contact us today to learn how Deloitte can help you achieve High Impact through HR excellence.

Partnering with HR Leaders for Strategic Success

As we operate in more dynamic environments, organizations need to create robust but flexible processes to enable strategic changes from leadership to operations. We work closely with HR leaders to develop their leadership capabilities and shape a strategic HR vision. We provide guidance on aligning HR strategies with overall business objectives, building effective HR teams, and driving cultural change within the organization. Our experienced consultants help HR leaders elevate their influence and impact as strategic business partners.


Unleashing HR Excellence

We assist organizations in building the right capabilities within their HR teams to meet current and future challenges. This includes developing HR competency models, designing learning and development programs for HR professionals, and providing coaching and mentoring for HR leaders. We also help organizations in succession planning, talent acquisition, and performance management to ensure they have the right HR talent to drive business success.

Streamlining HR Operations for High Performance

We help organizations optimize their HR operating model to drive efficiency and effectiveness. We assess and redesign HR processes, policies, and governance structures to ensure they are aligned with business needs and industry best practices. We also provide guidance on organization design, talent management, and change management to enable HR functions to deliver value-added services to the business.


Driving HR Innovation with Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide strategic guidance on HR technology selection, implementation, and optimization. Our experts help organizations assess their current HR technology landscape, identify gaps and opportunities, and develop a roadmap for technology transformation. We assist in implementing cutting-edge HR technologies, such as HR analytics, workforce planning, and employee self-service portals, to enable data-driven decision-making and enhance employee experience.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your HR function and drive High Impact for your organization. Contact us today to embark on your HR transformation journey with Deloitte, the leader today and always thinking about tomorrow.


Marie-Cecile Legrand | Senior Manager


Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

Partner | Banking and Human Capital Leader

Pascal Martino has 20 years of experience in Business Consulting and Advisory services and developed a wide expertise in Private and Retail Banking. Pascal is leading the Banking industry transversall... More

Francois Bade

Francois Bade

Partner | Banking & Human Capital

Francois joined Deloitte in 2017, and currently serves as partner in Consulting Banking, Insurance & Non FSI for the Human Capital sector. Francois has extensive experience in managing strategy, coord... More

Roxana Moise

Roxana Moise

Director | Human Capital Advisory Services

Roxana joined Deloitte in 2015, and currently serves as Director in the Human Capital Services for different industries (e.g. FSI, professional services, manufacturing, real estate, EU institutions, P... More

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