Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage


Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage

Deloitte's Human Capital professionals are often called upon to discuss the ways today's business challenges affect HR, talent and organization priorities, and how companies are responding. Here's a snapshot of featured HR news and commentary.

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What's making HR news these days? Many topics, from how to integrate talent issues with business strategy to how to transform the HR function itself to be a more efficient and effective partner to the business. Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital practice provides broad-based business consulting services to help organizations grow and thrive by making the most of their people. Deloitte is a leader in human capital consulting because we bring a powerful combination of business, industry and human resources knowledge backed by the extensive capabilities of our global network. Our Human Capital services help companies enhance their performance, productivity and profitability and build value through their workforce. The Human Capital team leverages research, analytics and industry insights to help organizations design and execute critical HR programs–from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and change programs.

Six ways your office will be different in 2021, assuming you ever go back to it
The Washington Post | December 30, 2020
After a year in which the coronavirus pandemic upended the very concept of the workplace—one in which millions of white-collar workers traded office attire, business travel and lengthy commutes for comfy pants, webcams and virtual school with their kids—predicting 2021 office trends might be a perilous exercise.

Unlocking Productivity for the Next Decade
Forbes | Dec 21, 2020
We have been waiting for more than a decade for the much-anticipated boost in productivity that Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies (AI, cloud, automation) were supposed to bring. Finally, in the darkest of times, we are seeing signs that the boost is coming.

Everything is different in 2020, including your performance review
CNN Business | December 15, 2020
While 2020 annihilated business as usual at work, it didn't quite manage to kill off the annual performance review.

6 secrets of entrepreneurs that can help you in the workplace
Fast Company | December 10, 2020
Employers want people who can adapt, reskill, and assume new roles. In fact, a new survey by Deloitte found that 72% of executives considered those abilities their top-ranked elements for navigating future disruptions. But, surprisingly, just 17% of those same execs think their workers are ready to do those things. Nearly two-thirds said they plan to reimagine work within the next three years.

Leveraging the lessons of 2020 to reimagine work and well being -report
Reuters | December 10, 2020
How can companies leverage the lessons of 2020 to fundamentally reimagine work and boost productivity?

With HR Supporting Remote Employees, IT Steps Up to Fill Technical Gaps
CIO Dive | December 4, 2020
A holistic approach to supporting remote work requires all business units to collaborate in support of the employee—but especially IT and HR.

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