Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage


Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage

Deloitte's Human Capital professionals are often called upon to discuss the ways today's business challenges affect HR, talent and organization priorities, and how companies are responding. Here's a snapshot of featured HR news and commentary.

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What's making HR news these days? Many topics, from how to integrate talent issues with business strategy to how to transform the HR function itself to be a more efficient and effective partner to the business. Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital practice provides broad-based business consulting services to help organizations grow and thrive by making the most of their people. Deloitte is a leader in human capital consulting because we bring a powerful combination of business, industry and human resources knowledge backed by the extensive capabilities of our global network. Our Human Capital services help companies enhance their performance, productivity and profitability and build value through their workforce. The Human Capital team leverages research, analytics and industry insights to help organizations design and execute critical HR programs–from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and change programs.

AI: Are Companies Ready?
The Economist | May 2019
Freelance business writer, Terri Williams, interviews Deloitte Global Human Capital lead, Erica Volini, about the rise of AI and its effect on businesses. Volini identifies human skills that should be developed to prepare organizations for the inevitable insertion of machine learning and automation.

How Improving Employees’ Work Lives Increases Retention
Entrepreneur | May 15, 2019
Entrepreneur contributor, Tiffany Delmore, uses Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report to highlight the issue of employee satisfaction and the recent struggle of an organization’s ability to retain their workforce.

What Are the Most Important Leadership Skills for the Future?
Forbes | May 7, 2019
Bonnie Marcus speaks with Deloitte US Human Capital leader, Erica Volini, about the new landscape of global social enterprises. They discuss the skills required by future leaders and potential challenges they may face.

Robots to ‘Upscale’ – Not Eliminate – Fund Work: Report | May 6, 2019
Deloitte’s Human Capital Leader, Erica Volini, speaks with Ignites about how the rise of AI and automation can be used to augment the performance of workers, rather than replace jobs altogether.

Beyond A Tech-Focused Future of Work
Forbes Magazine | April 30, 2019
Deloitte Consulting Human Capital leader, Erica Volini explores the future of work and how social enterprises can bring meaning back into the workplace.

How talent leaders can prepare for AI integration
HR Dive | April 29, 2019
Contributor at HR Dive, Riia O'Donnell, analyzes HR's future role as the mediator between man and machine as the influence of Artificial Intelligence in business continues to grow.

Three Costly Employee-Experience Mistakes 
Forbes Magazine | April 24, 2019
Career coach Rachel Montanez speaks with Erica Volini, US Consulting Human Capital leader at Deloitte, about three challenges that impact the employee experience and how organizations can counteract these obstacles.

Essential traits of business-driven IT Leaders
CIO Magazine | April 22, 2019
Contributor at CIO magazine, Mary K. Pratt, considers how the rise of technology is creating a new role for CIOs in their organizations. Discover how they can drive business, rather than solely enable it.

How Business Can Prepare for AI in the Future
Fox Business | April 12, 2019
Deloitte US Human Capital leader, Erica Volini, joins Fox Business to discuss the future of the workforce and how businesses can combat the fear of job security as AI and automation continue to improve.

We Lead People, Not Cardboard Cutouts
Forbes Magazine | April 11, 2019
Michael Gretczko, Human Capital Asset leader at Deloitte, explains how to keep your team happy, engaged, and motivated.

Steve Levine’s Axios Future newsletter today
Axios | April 11, 2019
Director of the Axios future newsletter, Steve LeVine, explains how the curriculum of higher education institutions are changing to better prepare students for a different future of work.

The Most Enjoyable Jobs for Older Workers
US News and World Report | April 4, 2019
Contributor at US News Maryalene LaPonsie describes jobs that are flexible and offer a sense of purpose for workers age 50 and older.

Ways HR Can Help Organizations Through Disruptive Growth
The Boss Magazine | April 1, 2019
Michael Gretczko and Emily Scott, Human Capital leaders at Deloitte, discuss how organizations can develop HR and talent strategies to stay ahead of workplace disruptions.

Three Futures, One Questions: How will HR Rise to the Challenge
Recruiter | March 27, 2019
Managing editor of Matthew Kosinski, speaks about the three Futures HR must address: future of enterprise, future of workforce, and future of how work is done.

10 trends that will shape HR in 2019
HR Dive | January 7, 2019
Increased attention on topics traditionally considered the realm of HR made workplaces the place of convergence for some of the world's biggest storylines in 2018.

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