Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage


Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage

Deloitte's Human Capital professionals are often called upon to discuss the ways today's business challenges affect HR, talent and organization priorities, and how companies are responding. Here's a snapshot of featured HR news and commentary.

Latest media updates

What's making HR news these days? Many topics, from how to integrate talent issues with business strategy to how to transform the HR function itself to be a more efficient and effective partner to the business. Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital practice provides broad-based business consulting services to help organizations grow and thrive by making the most of their people. Deloitte is a leader in human capital consulting because we bring a powerful combination of business, industry and human resources knowledge backed by the extensive capabilities of our global network. Our Human Capital services help companies enhance their performance, productivity and profitability and build value through their workforce. The Human Capital team leverages research, analytics and industry insights to help organizations design and execute critical HR programs–from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and change programs.

Integrating Humans and Tech with Superteams
Bloomberg Radio | May 28, 2020
In their latest podcast, Bloomberg Radio interviews Deloitte’s Global Human Capital leader, Erica Volini, on how the return to work will look post COVID-19. Erica highlights the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report and Deloitte’s expertise on how organizations need to adapt to the current environment and how they can accelerate into the future of work.

How to Evaluate HR Technology Post COVID-19
Toolbox HR | May 28, 2020
Deloitte’s John Brownridge, Principal, Human Capital, was recently featured in Puja Lalwani’s article with Toolbox HR. Focused on HR technology post COVID-19, John emphasizes the importance of creating a positive employee experience by enabling a High Impact HR Operating Model, leveraging hyper-personalization, Unified Engagement Platforms, and how to best work with vendors.

5 Must-Have Remote Work Tools to Use After COVID-19: Experts Edition
HR Technologist | May 20, 2020
In her recent article with HR Technologist, focused on what businesses must do to embrace the new reality of working remotely post COVID-19, Neha Pradham interviews Steve Hatfield, Deloitte’s Global Leader for Future of Work. Steve’s knowledge and insights are featured multiple times throughout the piece, noting that HR leaders and CHROs must now make investments to thrive in this new normal. Steve also exemplifies this with how Deloitte has responded to working remotely.

Companies are ‘significantly underinvested’ in reskilling workforce
Yahoo Finance | May 18, 2020
Deloitte Consulting’s Global Human Capital Leader, Erica Volini, was recently interviewed by Yahoo Finance, covering how organizations are underinvesting in reskilling the workforce and how job roles are being reinvented, specifically in the context of COVID-19. Erica highlights key findings and statistics from our 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report.

When It's Time to Go Back to the Office, Will It Still Be There? 
The Wall Street Journal | May 16, 2020
Dana Mattioli and Konrad Putzier’s recent article in The Wall Street Journal focuses on how companies are preparing for employees to return to work, and what that will look like. Tina Witney, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP, is featured, noting that from our sensing capabilities, re-entry and the return to the office is one of the top issues right now when looking into the future of the office in the context of COVID-19.

Past Performance of DC Plan Participants Is Not Indicative of Future Results
PLANSPONSOR | May 13, 2020
Stacy Sandler, National Practice leader for Deloitte’s Retirement & Wealth Consulting practice and principal in the Financial Services practice, was recently featured in Rebecca Moore’s article with PLANSPONSOR. The editorial highlights how retirement firms are handling COVID-19. Stacy’s thoughts are centered around the uncertainty of the future and around the impacts that our clients should be thinking through.

75% of CFOs say a bunch of us can just stay home
CNET | May 13, 2020
Brian Cooley’s recent segment with CNET features Deloitte’s Steve Hatfield, Global Leader for Future of Work. The segment highlights the future of work, workplaces, and remote working. Steve comments on how people and organizations can prepare to ensure safety and a smooth return to work following COVID-19.

Twitter says some employees can work from home 'forever'
WPIX-NY | May 13, 2020
Erica Volini, Global Human Capital Leader at Deloitte, is featured in WPIX-NY’s recent segment on reopening the economy and what that looks like for the workplace. Erica shares insights on re-entering the workplace during this unprecedented time, and how the last two months may be a window into what the new normal could be.

The Road to Recovery from Coronavirus
HR Exchange Network | May 11, 2020
David Rice recently featured Erica Volini, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Leader in his latest podcast for the HR Exchange Network. Focused on the current state of the workforce, lessons organizations have learned thus far during the coronavirus pandemic, and what leaders need to keep in mind as they bring employees back to work, Erica shares her perspective on the adaptability of humans and the need to increase transparency in terms of the decision-making process to help employees understand intent, fostering a sense of comfort.

From Empty Streets To Empty Shelves?
The Fox News Rundown Podcast | May 4, 2020
In her latest episode of The Fox News Rundown podcast, Jessica Rosenthal features insights from Erica Volini, Global Human Capital Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, on how organizations can prepare for the future of work in a post-COVID-19 world.

Deloitte’s Michael Gretczko: “To create a fantastic work environment create purpose and meaning at work, while connecting the dots”
Thrive Global | April 11, 2020
As part of her series with Thrive Global on how leaders can create a “fantastic work culture”, Carly Martinetti details her recent interview with Michael Gretczko, Principal and Global Human Capital as a Service Leader at Deloitte. The interview offers an in-depth look at Michael’s career in human capital and offers advice for HR leaders to improve culture and promote wellbeing in their workforce.

Leveraging Digital Learning Tools to Drive Teaming
HR Technologist | April 6, 2020
Michael Griffiths, Principal, and Learning and Leadership practice leader at Deloitte, guest authors the latest HR Technologist article. This piece focuses on new ways of working and how digital learning tools are accelerating the transition to this new way of working. Specifically elaborating on enabling team performance through three groups of learning technologies: Learning Experience Platforms, Cohort Based Program Delivery Platforms, and Knowledge Management.

The ethical use of AI on low-wage workers
Workforce | March 9, 2020
Andie Burjek’s recent article with Workforce focuses on the social implications of AI technologies, suggesting the use of AI systems puts more power and control in the hands or companies, but harms low wage workers. Burjek features Deloitte’s Chris Havrilla, VP of HR Technology and Solution provider research at Bersin in her story. Havrilla shared insights on talent mobility as a solution, and how using AI to go through data could find potential new role for these workers. 

How the Alternative Workforce Is Reshaping the Future of Work
Inc. | March 4, 2020
In her recent Inc. article, Rebekah Iliff features findings from Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report. The story focuses on the alternative workforce, highlighting insights from the Deloitte’s report about the growth of this workforce.

As access to data increases, so does its potential for impact and risk
BOSS | March 4, 2020
In the March issue of BOSS magazine, Deloitte’s Kathi Enderes, VP of Talent and Workforce Research leader at Bersin and Zack Toof, Research Lead, People Analytics at Bersin discuss people analytics data and how it can be used to benefit an organization, while still ensuring safety and security.

Bias and diversity in the gig economy: What HR should know
TechTarget | March 4, 2020
In his latest article with TechTarget, Mark Feffer discusses bias, diversity, and inclusion and how those factor affect the workplace – specifically gig workers. Feffer includes insights from Deloitte’s Kathi Enderes, VP of Talent and Workforce Research leader at Bersin, pointing out that diversity and inclusion is an important part of attracting and retaining members of the alternative workforce. Additional Feffer references Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report, noting that employers are increasingly looking for new ways to support their alternative workforce. 

How HR can get ahead of a potential recession
HR Executive | March 3, 2020
Andy McIlvaine recently published a story exploring how HR leaders can get ahead of a recession. In his story, McIlvaine features insights from Deloitte’s US Human Capital Leader, Michael Stephan, specifically focused on superjobs and making sure we don’t lose the sight of the human element during a recession. 

ManpowerGroup: US talent shortages have tripled in 10 years
HR Drive| March 2, 2020
Valerie Bolden-Barrett writes on findings from a recent Manpower Group survey on talent shortages, diving into proactive talent management. Featuring insights from Michael Stephan, Deloitte’s US Human Capital Leader, the piece cites the complex make up of the workforce – including the combination of employees, independent workers and robots – as the reason talent managers may need to make the shift to being a reactive business function.

What is workforce management? Different departments have different ideas
Workforce | February 28, 2020
In her recent article with Workforce, Andi Burjek features Deloitte’s Lisa Disselkamp, Managing Director, and focuses on what the term “workforce management” really means in today’s world. Disselkamp provides insights on how workforce management has shifted from transactional to strategic, and now encompasses a broader array of duties, causing confusion among departments. 

Gig economy is here to stay
People Matters | February 25, 2020
People Matters’ Mastufa Ahmend, talks with Deloitte’s Kathi Enderes, VP and Talent and Workforce Research Leader in his latest article. Focused on the gig economy, Ahmed and Enderes discuss how business leaders can create value for both alternative workers and their organizations. 

Why baby boomers are a growing part of the gig economy
SectorWatch | February 19, 2020
Erica Volini, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Leader, is featured in Bianca Flowers’ recent SectorWatch segment. The segment highlights gig work, how workers and businesses are strategically embracing new work arrangements, and the growing rate of baby boomers taking part in the alternative workforce.

How AI is impacting the workplace
TechRepublic | February 18, 2020
In his recent article on AI in the workplace, TechRepublic’s Allen Bernard features Deloitte’s Chris Havrilla, Vice President of HR Technology and Solution Provider Research at Bersin and Beena Ammanath, AI Managing Director. Ammanath and Havrilla elaborate on how AI is driving change in the workplace for both business leaders and employees.

The Promise Vs. Reality in AI in HR
HR Technologist | February 13, 2020
Chris Havrilla, Deloitte’s Vice President of HR Technology and Solution Provider Research at Bersin, recently guest authored for HR Technologist, focusing on the realities of AI in HR. The article outlines how HR leaders need to understand the technology to effectively implement it.

Gig economy’s new deal for Silicon Valley’s white-collar workers
Financial Times | February 12, 2020
In his latest Financial Times article, Patrick McGee focuses on gig workers and the gig economy. McGee features findings from Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report and Millennial Survey, noting that the number of American workers in this alternative workforce will triple to 42 million this year since 2017.

Driving Performance Through a Close HR-Finance Partnership
Harvard Business Review Analytics | February 6, 2020
Harvard Business Review’s Elana Varon, writes on the importance of cross-functional collaboration in the organization and shares insights from Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report throughout her recent article. Varon also features Erica Volini, Principal and Global Human Capital Leader at Deloitte, and her thoughts on the integration of HR and finance. Creating a common language and explaining how each function has synergistic objectives can help increase collaboration across the organization.

Powering Organizational Agility by Empowering the Alternative Workforce
Boss Magazine | February 3, 2020
In their recent article with Boss Magazine, Deloitte’s Mike Kemp, PhD, Research Manager at Bersin and Kathi Enderes, PhD, Vice President of Talent & Workforce Research at Bersin, explore today’s rapidly evolving environment and how agility is key in the future world of work. In their article, Kemp and Enderes focus on how to incorporate alternative workers through a tailored approach, providing organizations the agility they need to get ahead.

The future of recruiting technology
Workforce Management Magazine | February 3, 2020
Workforce Management Magazine’s, Sarah Fister Gale, recently featured Deloitte’s Denise Moulton, Vice President of HR and Talent Research at Bersin, in her piece on the future of recruiting technology. There are more open jobs than talent, and companies are willing to try anything to fill those spots. Moulton’s insights are outlined in Gale’s article, sharing that AI-powered workplace tools are proving to be game changers for the hiring process, helping boost productivity, analyze candidate pools and makes it easier to keep track of the people you want to keep in your funnel.

Tie talent to business strategy to bolster performance, study says
HR Dive | January 24, 2020
In her recent article with HR Drive, Valerie Bolden-Barrett quotes Michael Stephan, Deloitte’s US Human Capital Leader, in her story on increasing performance and retention through talent strategies.

Getting off the HR hamster wheel - advice for turbulent times from Bersin's David Mallon
Diginomica | January 24, 2020
Diginomica’s Janine Milne features David Mallon, Bersin’s Chief Analyst, in her recent piece on HR, the future of work, and what we can expect in 2020. The article discusses HR’s role in the turbulence that executives may encounter throughout the year, and dissects Bersin’s predictions for 2020.

To tear down silos, groups must make teamwork a priority (and coffee helps)
CEO Update | January 19, 2020
CEO Update’s Walt Williams features both Amir Rahnema, Deloitte’s Global Leader for Organizational Design and Nathaniel Paynter, Deloitte’s Leader in the Human Capital Organization & Talent practice, in his recent publication on tearing down silos and prioritizing work. Many businesses are beginning to rethink how teams are structured, foregoing traditional systems of decision making.

Finding a Balance
Boss Magazine | January 2020
In her recent article with Boss Magazine, Jannine Zucker, Principal, Human Capital at Deloitte explores digital transformation in the workplace and how this has impacted the human experience. In the article, Jannine dives into the importance for organizations to get the balance of technology and human experience right in order to be successful.  

10 HR Tech Trends for 2020 Every Talent Leader Must Consider
HR Technologist | January 14, 2020
HR Technologist’s, Neha Pradhan, features Deloitte’s John Brownridge, Principal, Human Capital, in her latest story on the top trends for talent leaders in 2020. John’s trend on Unified Engagement Platforms (UEP) is highlighted, noting that UEPs will be on the rise, giving users a unified digital experience.

Not OK, Boomer: Six Coping Strategies When Your Best Workers Start Retiring
Chief Executive | January 8, 2020
In Chief Executive’s recent article, Dale Buss examines how leaders can prepare for when their top people begin to retire. Michael Stephan, Deloitte’s US Human Capital leader, offers his insights into the importance of human skills and prioritizing employee wellness. 

5 talent trends to watch in 2020
HR Drive | January 8, 2020
In HR Drive’s recent article, Kathryn Moody deep dives into the top talent trends to watch for in 2020. The article includes insights from Michael Stephan, Deloitte’s US Human Capital Leader, and from Deloitte’s 2019 Human Capital Trends report. Focusing on five top trends that may rise in importance this year, Stephan discusses the rise of superjobs, the importance of agility and adaptability, data strategies, and the contingent workforce.

2020 and Beyond
HR Today | December 19, 2019
HR Today's Marta Chmielowicz examines the HR predictions for 2020 through the insight of one of Deloitte's HR researchers, Jeff Mike. Machines will only enhance the employee experience, not diminish it.

'Strategize Now' Ahead of Possible Recession
HR Executive | December 2019
HR Executive's December digital issue features Michael Stephan, Chris Havrilla and results from Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends Report (pg. 12-18). As we approach 2020 and beyond, Deloitte prepares for new technologies and puts a greater investment into the human workforce.

Less Talk, More Walk
HR Today | December 19, 2019
HR Today's Aaron Lincove explores transforming company cultures and calls to action the need for diversity & inclusion. Based on Deloitte research, inclusive organizations are leading organizations.

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