Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage


Talking about Human Capital: Recent HR news and media coverage

Deloitte's Human Capital professionals are often called upon to discuss the ways today's business challenges affect HR, talent and organization priorities, and how companies are responding. Here's a snapshot of featured HR news and commentary.

Latest media updates

What's making HR news these days? Many topics, from how to integrate talent issues with business strategy to how to transform the HR function itself to be a more efficient and effective partner to the business. Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital practice provides broad-based business consulting services to help organizations grow and thrive by making the most of their people. Deloitte is a leader in human capital consulting because we bring a powerful combination of business, industry and human resources knowledge backed by the extensive capabilities of our global network. Our Human Capital services help companies enhance their performance, productivity and profitability and build value through their workforce. The Human Capital team leverages research, analytics and industry insights to help organizations design and execute critical HR programs–from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and change programs.

Workplace trends you need to know
Independent Banker | December 2, 2019
Judith Sears from Independent Banker writes on workforce transformation and workforce trends among community banks. As these banks begin to implement various programs, Michael Griffiths reminds organizations of the importance to implement opportunities for learning & development as well as growth and upward mobility.

From Luxury to Necessity
Boss Magazine | December 2, 2019
Bersin senior researchers, Pete DeBellis and Matthew Derunt, highlight insights from Bersin's High Impact Rewards and Workforce Experience studies as well as Deloitte's 2018 Global Human Capital Trends Report in assessing modern workday perks and wellbeing initiatives.

Preparing for the Future of Work? First Embrace Collaborative Leadership
HR Technologist I November 21, 2019
HR Technologist's Chiradeep BasuMallick interviewed Deloitte's Michael Griffiths on the future of leadership. With an ever-changing work environment, Griffiths says leaders need to rely on one another and adopt a culture for collaboration throughout their organization.

Digital workplace transformation strategy: 6 steps to creating yours
TechTarget I November 18, 2019
TechTarget's George Lawton develops a 6 step process to adopting a digital workforce. Human capital principal and leader of Deloitte’s employee experience offering, Jannine Zucker, emphasizes the importance of creating a human-centered design.

Power to the people - the irony around HR analytics, according to Bersin by Deloitte's David Mallon
Diginomica I November 18, 2019
Diginomica interviews Bersin's chief analyst, David Mallon, on HR analytics. Mallon encourages HR professionals to expand the scope of people analytics and share their findings with other key business stakeholders.

'AI, automation will help make work much more meaningful'
People Matters I November 11, 2019
Offering over 20 years of experience in workplace strategy and transformation, Steve Hatfield is an expert source for the future of work. He interviews with People Matters and offers his advice to CHROs and People leaders on how to prepare for the future.

Are you a design thinker
HR Executive I November 11, 2019
The HR Executive writes on the importance of design-thinking in the space of HR. As a leader in Deloitte's HR Transformation practice, Jannine Zucker emphasizes the human element to a design-thinking approach.

What’s in a Modern Leader
Hays Journal I November 6, 2019
This month's issue of Hays Journal is about the changes to come in the world of work. Deloitte provides expertise throughout the journal and highlights findings from the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report.

Millennials, Gen Xers to baby boomers: Can you retire so I can get a job promotion
USA Today I November 7, 2019
The age for retirement is getting higher and baby boomers may be blocking upward mobility for the generations below. Deloitte's global future of work leader, Steve Hatfield, features in USA Today to lend his perspective on the older workforce. 

Here's why tech is giving rise to the 'superjob'
HR Executive | October 21, 2019
Deloitte's US Human Capital National Managing Partner, Michael Stephan, unpacks the concept of "superjobs" and their anticipated effect on managing positions. A manager's 'superjob' will be about understanding the most efficient utilization of automation and adopting a strategy that oversees a human-robotic workforce.

2019 Global Human Capital Trends with Deloitte's Steven Hatfield Global Future of Work Leader
Surviving the Future of Work Podcast | October 15, 2019
Raulvin Coke hosts Deloitte's Global Future of Work Leader, Steven Hatfield, to discuss the 2019 Human Capital Trends report and to lend his expertise on workforce transformation. Hatfield calls for increased transparency, collaboration, and performance management and advises leaders to generate opportunistic dialogue to energize their people for the future of work.

The Digital Bulletin Board
BOSS Magazine I October 2019
Deloitte's 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report found respondents to be under satisfied with their current tools and technologies. Boss Magazine highlights the utilization of Deloitte's HR tools such as ConnectMe, to enable effective communication and mitigate disruption in the workplace.

Need to Work Differently? Learn Differently (pg. 16)
BOSS Magazine | October 2019
BOSS Magazine features an innovative piece written by Deloitte's Michael Griffiths on the future of a hybrid workforce. With the rise of AI, Griffiths recommends adopting digitized learning platforms like Deloitte's AdeptPro, to change the way we learn and perform at work.

Why L&D must be at the center of any returnship program
HR Dive | September 24, 2019
Deloitte’s Michael Griffiths spoke with HR Dive’s Riia O’Donnell about best practices to develop and execute returnship programs. Griffiths highlights the importance of building a support system with peer-to-peer learning opportunities for returners.

The Daredevil Unicorns: Why WeWork, Juul, and Uber Play With Fire
Marker | Sept 17, 2019
Read this interesting article on lawless startups exploiting the seams of regulation. Are they feeling the heat? Yes! WeWork, Juul, and Uber Play are some of the accused.

Move Over Employee Engagement: It’s Time to Focus on Workforce Experience
HR Technologist | September 3, 2019
This article discusses the difference between employee engagement and workforce experience. The article then goes on to provide strategies for organizations to improve the workforce experience, and concludes by describing the Workforce Experience Framework to help companies adopt a more holistic framework.

Workforce Mobility: Untapped Benefits for Finance
The Wall Street Journal – CFO Journal | September 2, 2019
Deloitte’s Erica Volini, Jeff Schwartz, and Indranil Roy write for the Wall Street Journal’s CFO Journal about boosting inter-organization mobility. By encouraging internal talent mobility, companies can see benefits that impact growth and employee retention.

Why You're Still Struggling With A Career Change Despite Having Career Clarity
Forbes | September 1, 2019
Forbes’ Rachel Montanez writes about the challenges people face when changing careers, highlighting the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report, which found that capabilities, not just skills, are of the utmost importance.

Deloitte’s Plan for Fighting Employee Burnout: Let AI Take Over the Dreaded HR and IT Tasks
Fortune | September 1, 2019
Fortune’s Anne Fisher writes on the benefits of leveraging AI to manage workplace issues. Fisher leverages data from the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report to highlight the importance of employee experience and the opportunities AI affords organizations to fight employee burnout.

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