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The tax incentives landscape is changing rapidly in Malta, the way you prepare incentives claims today is unlikely to be the way you will tomorrow.


Technology has a key part to play in addressing the challenges faced by businesses when preparing claims. Challenges such as:

  • Efficiency - by automating those parts of the claim process which represent data processing – freeing your team to focus on value add analysis.
  • Scalability - an automated process to facilitate sustainable claim methodology– even where there is rapid growth in the business.
  • Auditability - by retaining a robust audit trail of your process.
  • Consistency - adopting the same approach across all claims.

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Our Solutions

MyInsight – Global Incentives (“MyGi”) and MyInsight – Data Classifier represent just two of the solutions we have implemented over recent years which address the challenges faced by our clients when making tax incentive claims. We understand that data sets can be complex and claim methodologies are bespoke to each business. The sophistication and usability of our technologies make them ideally placed to tackle these challenges.

myInsight: Global Incentives

What is it?

myInsight: Global Incentives (“myGi”) is a web based technology designed and maintained by Deloitte that allows the collection of data, documentation and technical eligibility assessments in a more efficient and scalable way than historical approaches allow. This technology represent a significant change to the way R&D claims have traditionally been prepared.

Key facts
  • Developed and maintained by a large team of dedicated software engineers
  • Used by individual clients globally and on multi-jurisdiction client engagements
  • More than 500 active client engagements
At a glance
  • Technical eligibility gathering via surveys accessed online
  • Audit trail from original data to claim values
  • Real time information on claim status and value
  • Ability to release thousands of surveys, helping to review relevant parts of your business efficiently

For further details on the above product, please visit the dedicated MyGi page:

myInsight: Data Classifier

What is it?

Proprietary software developed by Deloitte UK that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately categorise large volumes of transactional data based on clearly defined rules.

Key facts
  • Used by more than 80 clients
  • More than 150 client users
At a glance
  • Multi-use platform
  • Significant process improvements
  • Real time analysis
  • Facilitates full coverage of fixed asset additions and reducing the need for:
    • Sampling; or
    • Disregarding additions below a de minimis amount due to cost of reviewing such transactions outweighing the benefit
  • Allows businesses to focus their time on analysing large and complex projects as opposed to annual repetitive expenditure.

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Rachel Zarb Cousin


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Louise Micallef

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