Global investment and innovation incentives (Gi3)

In most countries and industry sectors, an elaborate system of financial incentives is available to fuel your R&D, innovation, and other business investments. These incentives are available for both domestic investments and growth opportunities abroad. The multitude of opportunities becomes more complex when you consider that within each country, local and regional governments have the authority to fund incentives of their own. Identifying, understanding, and prioritising the right incentives for your organisation can be a time-consuming and challenging undertaking—but it's also one that can generate significant benefits.

The Deloitte network gives you access to Global Investment and Innovation Incentives (Gi3) practitioners who are ready to provide support around the world. Our world-class capabilities help you pursue the right by developing and executing an effective incentives strategy for your needs.

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Research and development (R&D) claims preparation

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Government incentives application support

To take advantage of the grants, credits and incentives available to a business requires time and effort. Deloitte’s Gi3 teams are highly experienced in the practicalities of preparing, negotiating and agreeing such applications from initial feasibility reviews to document submission. Deloitte's knowledge and experience in this specialised area provides clients with the confidence of knowing that the incentives which can impact their cost of business have been considered and evaluated.

Deloitte delivers Gi3 services using the Incentives Insight methodology. It is powered by I Smart technology, streamlining and accelerating the gathering and processing of data and information needed to make informed business decisions.

Tax controversy related to R&D or government incentives

R&D claims and Government Incentive applications often receive intense regulatory scrutiny. Deloitte provides assistance in resolution of any such audits as well as support related to claims and information requests or objections from relevant government bodies. Our teams include former officials with various regulatory agencies who have an in depth understanding of the regulatory processes.

The Deloitte difference

Deloitte Gi3 understands the global dynamics that affect the funding of your innovation and investment strategy.

Global reach
Gi3 lets you see the broader playing field by identifying incentive opportunities available to your company.

Technology at the center
Leverage technology for operational efficiency and for a clear vision of relevant opportunities.

Industry experience
Gi3 practitioners globally know and understand your industry, your business language, and your technology language.

Lifecycle view
Each incentive must be considered in the context of the investment and innovation lifecycle to realise the full financial and commercial benefit.

Leveraging the ecosystem
Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Connecting with the relevant government bodies and research institutes will propel your innovation capability. The power of our network helps you build winning relationships.

Thought leadership
Governments across the globe seek the insights of Deloitte people to help in the development and design of their own incentive policies.

Deloitte network
Deloitte's broad range of specialised services are available to help you consider the impact of incentives on your wider tax, financial, and commercial activities so you can further enhance and accelerate your business opportunities.

More Gi3

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Rachel Zarb Cousin


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Louise Micallef

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