Grants & incentives

There are numerous incentives available to support the development and growth of business in Malta, including the development of innovative enterprises.

Identifying the appropriate grant or incentive scheme, developing a compelling case for benefiting therefrom and simultaneously complying with the requirements of managing a funded project can be complex and time consuming.

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Grant support - could I be eligible?

The starting point is to consider your medium-term investment plans. This may be in terms of:

Capital expenditure: plant and machinery, fixtures and fittings, land and buildings.
Job creation or safeguarding: either an increase to Malta's headcount or the safeguarding of Maltese jobs that would otherwise be lost.
Research and development: the development of new products or services, either on your own or in collaboration with third parties.
Business improvements: energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction etc.
Incremental staff training and development: upskilling of existing or new staff.

Key grant considerations

  • Ordinarily, a grant needs to be secured before a project commences
  • Once an irreversible commitment is made to a project, e.g. signing a lease, ordering capital equipment, making an announcement, recruiting staff etc., a grant opportunity may be lost
  • A “project” is typically considered over a three or exceptionally a five year timeframe.
  • Depending on the project a grant application may be based on a single phase or multiple phases of an overall project programme.
  • Cash grants are typically paid in arrears with payments phased over key milestones within the project.
  • Grants are frequently claimed annually and subject to an audit
  • Most incentives are available in terms of cash grants although there is a trend towards repayable loans.

Support for a project could come from a number of different sources depending on the nature and scale of the project. The largest funding sources are:

  • Malta Enterprise
  • Business Enhance Measures
  • Direct EU Funding  

Supporting all phases of your project

We are able to provide support throughout the grant process. This can include:

Grant Strategy

Through our detailed knowledge of the schemes we are able to provide a clear understanding of the merits of different grant funding routes. This will be linked to the future investment priorities and results in a tailored summary of grant opportunities. This is important as some schemes are influenced by size of company, sector, scale of investment, and location of the project.

Project Positioning

With the experience in hand, we understand what the grant providers are looking for and can help to position a project effectively.

Preparing the grant submission

We can assist to gather and position information to support an application and help check that all elements of the application are consistent with your key messages.

Supporting the entire application process

We provide a full hand-holding service that includes pre-meeting briefings and support to help ensure the application proceeds smoothly. Our role doesn’t end with the grant submission but continues up to and beyond the time when a formal grant offer letter is received.

The grant offer letter

Once the grant offer letter is received, we will advise on any terms and conditions within the grant offer letter.

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Rachel Zarb Cousin

Rachel Zarb Cousin


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Louise Micallef

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