Remote working measures

In response to the increased emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) locally, wherever possible, we have decided to encourage increased ‘remote working’ as a complementary alternative to serving clients’ from our offices and / or their premises.

In the current environment, the health and safety of our people and our clients remains our top priority.

We are equally committed to ongoing business continuity and we have taken measures to maximise remote connectivity aimed at minimising operational disruptions. These measures will ensure that our people shall be connected in real time and will be able to continue to service our clients.

It is currently envisaged that these remote working arrangements shall remain in place until Monday 30 March, however we will continue to monitor the situation and consult with the Department of Public Health, the local authorities and our global network; and will keep you updated accordingly.

The duty to act responsibly during the current period of uncertainty is a collective responsibility. We believe that the introduction of these measures contributes towards this objective by providing a stable and safer environment in which our people can continue to support our clients.

We are available to discuss any aspect of the above and remain committed to supporting you in these challenging times. For further information, please contact us.


We invite you to visit our COVID-19 response page to access local and global insights as well as news updates.

Combating COVID-19 with resilience

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