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Deloitte’s HR Maturity Assessment helps organisations to assess their current capabilities and identify sets of practices to improve business outcomes

Human Resources (HR) functions play a crucial role in delivering people services to the organisation. The role of HR has recently transitioned from a traditional, personnel-focused function to having a strategic role within the firm. It is responsible for setting and achieving the workforce and talent agenda, driving workforce performance and engagement, delivering the business strategy, stewarding the culture and creating a better employee experience for their people.

Additionally, due to their role at the forefront of efforts to survive the COVID-19 crisis, HR functions gained further credibility and status in many organisations, making their involvement and support in strategic decisions even more essential going forward.

HR Maturity assessment

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When it comes to decision making in today’s constantly disrupted environment, HR leaders need to know not guess when making decisions about their workforce.

High performing organisations make decisions based on data and insights to ensure they are moving in the right direction. Data is the key to discovering how disruptions from new technologies to full-blown world pandemics can be converted from challenges into opportunities for improved business performance.

HR is a function that is uniquely positioned to lead the organisation in navigating such disruptions happening in both the workforce and the business. However, taking advantage of disruptions and creating opportunities requires a clear path forward. Organisations that attempt to navigate these kinds of complex situations in the dark risk losing their biggest asset – their people.

Deloitte Malta’s HR Maturity Assessment helps organisations to assess their current capabilities and identify the next set of practices to move up the maturity curve in HR to achieve a more strategic role with better talent and business outcomes. Deloitte will run a combination of workshops, surveys and interviews to aggregate critical data and insights to help organisations make meaningful decisions. The HR Maturity assessment will help organisations to improve their HR function’s impact on business value by comparing its aspiration, strategies, and capabilities to those which are of greatest leverage according to Deloitte research.

This assessment can be a helpful first step to take prior to planning any HR transformation initiatives. Deloitte will provide a final report and recommendations that organisations can use as a guide to move up the maturity curve in HR by improving their overall HR strategy, acting on areas of weakness and planning future initiatives.

If you would like to gain deeper insight into your HR function to discover areas of strength and opportunities for growth, get in touch with us.

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