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Business are constantly being disrupted with the introduction of new technologies, changes in demographics and now a world pandemic. HR is the only function with the purview and ability to turn these disruptions into opportunities for elevated business performance. HR has the responsibility of setting and achieving the workforce and talent agenda, delivering the business strategy, driving workforce performance and engagement, stewarding the culture and enhancing the experience for the enterprise’s people. One of the key success factors of high performing organisations is that they put their people first. When HR functions take the lead they are able to navigate the disruptions happening in both the workforce and the business. However, taking advantage of these opportunities requires a clear path forward.

Our HR health check helps organisations assess their current capabilities and identify the next set of practices to move up the maturity curve in HR and achieve a more strategic role with better talent and business outcomes.  

What is an HR health check?

Our HR health check service will help companies to assess their current and future state across various measurement areas including:

  • HR strategy alignment
  • Talent
  • HR customer segmentation
  • HR enablers
  • Workforce management

The HR health check is customised according to the needs of the organisation and can be delivered via a combination of workshops, surveys and interviews to aggregate critical data and insights to aid in meaningful decision making. The data will be analysed and presented in a final report along with recommendations and an action plan for the organisation to reach its desired level of HR status.

Results from the analysis will help organisations to improve their HR’s function’s impact on business value by comparing its aspiration, strategies and capabilities to those our research has determined to be of greatest leverage. This diagnostic tool can be a useful first step for organisations prior to undertaking any HR transformation initiatives, or for those organisations wanting to pave the way for their future HR strategy.

Why should you consider doing an HR health check?

Organisations with high maturity levels are:

  • 3.5x more likely to focus relentlessly on user experience when designing HR offerings
  • 2.5x more likely to lead their organisation’s digital transformation
  • 4.5x more likely to report practicing teamwork and collaboration to achieve organisational goals
  • 5.4x more likely to continuously adjust their strategy to align with changing business strategy
  • 3.2x more likely to manage change
  • 2.4x more likely to innovate and improve efficiency
  • 1.3x more likely to meet financial targets  

What will be the outcome?

  • Output – a personalised report containing your assessment results, identifying key risks, and providing targeted suggestions for improvement and a recommended way forward.
  • Advisory – a tailored debrief with an experienced specialist that brings the report to life, sparking ideation and setting the stage for future action.
  • Insight – additional, recommended research and other assets, intentionally curated to help you go deeper in identified opportunities for growth.  

Why Deloitte?

We believe in driving productivity and adding value by unlocking human potential and creating a resilient, agile organisation that is fit for the future.

Business challenges are overcome by their people: from globalisation to digital to regulation to innovations, organisations depend on their people to deliver results.

Deloitte’s Human Capital services leverage research, analytics and industry insights to help design and execute HR, talent, leadership, organisation, rewards and change programs that enable business performance through people performance.  

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