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A message from Philip Yuen, Deloitte SEA Chief Executive Officer

One organisation. One set of values.

In our fast paced business environment, the values of our professionals and the integrity of our firm are continually being tested. The trust placed in Deloitte by our clients, the regulators and all our other stakeholders must never be taken for granted, and the responsibility for ethical and professional behavior must be taken seriously – by everyone, at every level of our organization. All of us are committed to upholding and maintaining our organisation’s reputation to sustain public trust and maintain investor confidence.

In Deloitte Southeast Asia, we have one set of values and one standard of expected behavior, and this is defined in our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. This Code shares the expectations of Deloitte professional behavior and provides guidelines to help our people make the right choices. Ethical behavior is an integral part of our culture, a culture that defines who we are as professionals, how we are perceived by the public and how we treat our colleagues. Our words and actions demonstrate leadership and our strength of character. Through our words and actions, we build trust with colleagues, clients, and the markets.

A message from Ong Bee Yen, Deloitte SEA Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. The Shared Values and the Global Principles of Business Conduct (“Global Code”) of the DTTL member firms form an integral part of our organisation’s commitment to sustain public trust. As professionals in an industry which is closely scrutinised by the media and the public alike, we demonstrate our commitment to serving clients with distinction while inspiring our talented professionals and to contribute positively to the society.

The SEA Code outlines the expectations of behaviour and conduct that we place on ourselves and towards each other in our daily work. It also provides detailed information, guidance and resources which our professionals can refer to in helping them to make ethical and the right professional choices.

A message from Wong Poh Jean, Malaysia Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Deloitte has always prided itself on its commitment to maintaining public trust and ethical behavior. While ethical behavior does not itself guarantee success, there can be no long term success without it. This is why at Deloitte, we take ethics and compliance seriously – by everyone at every level of the organization, at all times. The Deloitte Shared Values and Global Principles of Business Conduct of the DTTL member firms are our commitment to sustaining public trust, in conducting our business honorably, ethically and with the utmost professionalism, despite the diversity of backgrounds and professional disciples. These are embodied in the Ethics Code of Conduct and it is our expectation that everyone in Deloitte understands their role in creating an ethical culture towards sustaining public trust and maintaining professional excellence.

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