Neighbourhood Safety Analytics

In 2018, statistics have shown that there are over 2,000 cases of stolen motorbikes in Malaysia. With motorcycle as the sole means of transportation for the B40 group, a stolen bike could cost an entire month of an average B40’s household income.

As part of Deloitte’s CSR initiatives, we are harvesting the power of Data Analytics to combat crime. Through the application of data visualisation, crime heat spots and seasonal patterns can be identified.

In conjunction with Deloitte’s Impact Day, the project team have analysed the crime incidents in the districts of Bandar Sunway and Pudu. Combining the power of Data Analytics and observations from site visits, the team have identified several initiatives that can be taken by the community to create a safer neighbourhood:

  1. Increase lighting, signages and surveillance cameras near crime hotspots
  2. Schedule for more police patrol at crime hotspots and during peak periods
  3. Remove abandoned motorcycles and damaged infrastructure to improve the general atmosphere of the environment
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