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Secondment/Loan Staff Services

Sharing the workload in busy time

Disruptions may take place in many forms, be it a crisis, pandemic, or civil unrest – affecting business operations and resource allocation, leaving businesses with a need for temporary professional support in various areas.

Organisations often face pressures around having adequate resources to manage operations, meet evolving needs, and deliver on projects.

Finding qualified skilled professionals for specific purpose and period may be a big challenge for many organisations. Deloitte consists of highly motivated, versatile and technically skilled individuals with good business acumen and the ability to adapt to varied client environments.

Our team’s capabilities and experiences across industries ensure that we will have the right people to deliver tailored solutions.

Mix and match our available resources to meet your needs and budget!

Our offerings

Our knowledge and experience gleaned from our audit and advisory engagements enables us to leverage the best of both worlds to serve you effectively and efficiently.

Finance exercises
• Cash, inventory and fixed asset counts
• Preparation of forecast, budget and cash flow statements
• Review of internal controls and accounting manuals

Finance operations
• Provision of controller, finance manager or accountant
• Reconciliations and posting of accounting entries into ledgers
• Account payable

Audit support
• Preparation of audit schedules
• Preparation of financial statements
• Preparation of deferred taxation
• Preparation of consolidation workings

New accounting standards implementation
• Data mining and cleansing
• Portfolio based simulation
• Updating of process flow and standard operation procedures/ manuals
• Data entry

Book keeping
• Recording of reports

Crisis and post-crisis support
• Supporting finance close
• Stepping in for resigned/sick personnel
• Document tracing and matching
• Performing the roles of interrupted service organisations/shared service centers

Special events
• Surprise/outstation stock and assets counts and sightings
• Surveying/documenting information
• Data/file sorting and arrangement
• Data checking and compilation of documents for special audit/review purposes
• Data cleansing, formatting and key-in for system implementation/data migration

Secondment/loan staff services
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