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"Attitude is Everything," Diinalan believes that the right mindset is all it takes to get through the most challenging problems. He held this motto close to his heart throughout the rigorous training programmes that prepared him for the multiple marathons. Read more about how running has helped him deliver in life and work in this article. 

Diinalan Gunasagaram
Analyst, Consulting

I have been working in Consulting at Deloitte SEA for almost 2 years now and worked on multiple local and international projects. Working with talented individuals from various backgrounds in Deloitte has taught me the importance of work-life balance. 

Sports, cooking and reading are must-do activities in my life outside of work. Athletics is a deep-seated passion for me. I have enjoyed long runs as it keeps me calm and centred. My running community and circle of friends have always inspired me to keep searching for the best version of myself. As a result, I try to participate in multiple marathons every year nationwide, always trying to achieve a new personal best in each marathon. My proudest achievement was placing 5th in the 2019 Pahang International Half Marathon.  

Running has taught me that small, consistent efforts in the right direction lead to significant and impactful results. Personally, training for a marathon is like embarking on a journey of self-discovery. After years of practice, you begin to realise that distance running is more mental endurance than physical. My mind is now sharper, and I can concentrate for much longer hours. I believe this has given me a strong mental fortitude to work for long hours while being able to deliver high-quality work. I also think that time management is key to performing well at work and outside of work, and I try to squeeze in an early morning run before starting work. 

My mantra is “Attitude is Everything”. Having the right mindset has empowered me to achieve both my personal and professional goals.

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