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We help our clients predict, detect, and respond to the risks and vulnerabilities through our practice, which includes Financial Crime Advisory and Managed Service, Whistleblowing, Business Intelligence Support, Forensic Investigations, Data Analytics, Discovery and Computer Forensic as well as Disputes and Litigation Support.

Deloitte Forensic in Malaysia help companies manage potential threats and respond to incidents that have transpired. Our strong multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals, which includes chartered and forensic accountants, lawyers, fraud examiners, financial crime compliance officers, former regulators, technology experts, and statisticians utilises propriety toolsets, approved methodologies, and accelerators to resolve intricate problems and provide you with the highest level of insights, recommendations, and results in a timely manner.
Our comprehensive suite of services include:

Deloitte Forensic

Financial Crime Advisory and Managed Service

Companies need to regularly monitor the effectiveness of its existing controls in managing risks of money laundering, sanctions, fraud, bribery, and corruption. Deloitte’s team of financial crime compliance professionals assists companies in various industries to address issues, develop innovative solutions, and provide actionable advice to ensure compliance with regulations in line with leading practices and regulatory trends.


Unprecedented changes in the workplace, remote working practices, and financial pressures have increased the likelihood of fraud, misconduct, and other unethical behaviour. Whistleblowing remains one of the most effective counter-measures to deal with workplace misconduct.

Deloitte is a leading whistleblowing service provider with an experienced team of analysts trained to review incidents, prepare reports, and escalate high-risk matters for your further action. Our analysts are supported by our leading digital whistleblowing solution, Conduct Watch.

Deloitte also assists companies in assessing and providing recommendations to implement an effective whistleblowing program.

Business Intelligence Support

Companies entering new and emerging markets to expand their business need to ensure that potential commercial risks are identified and addressed prior to commencement of new business relationships.

Our team of specialists work in confidentiality and discretion to gather intelligence on targeted companies, business partners, and specific individuals.

Forensic Investigations

When an allegation or evidence of corporate crime misconduct comes to light, it is important for companies to respond swiftly to maintain trust of the public and their investors.

Leveraging on our accounting expertise, financial acumen, investigative skills, and analytical tools, the team can assist companies in assessing and responding to allegations of corporate fraud or financial mismanagement, identifying root causes, conducting regulatory investigations, providing recommendations to mitigate ongoing risks, and issue reports with factual observations.

Data analytics

Deloitte’s Data Analytics team is able to deploy in-depth analytics knowledge and skills paired with advanced analytics to assist companies in identifying key risk areas that are vulnerable to corporate crime and place preventative measures.

Our team also helps companies assess if the existing AML/CFT transaction monitoring and name screening models are fit for purpose and provide insights on optimising detection systems for greater efficiencies. We combine the science of analytics with strategy-level insights to help organisations ensure that their models are based on underlying objectives and provide recommendations to fine-tune the systems.

Discovery and Computer Forensic

High volumes of data, documents, and communications can be found across any modern business. Companies need to manage data and evidence effectively during a time of crisis, in a manner that is secure, resilient, and legally defensible.

 In the event of complex business dispute or court mandated investigation, Deloitte Forensic helps support the identification, collection, preservation, and analysis of complex forensic data and information, as well as the development of a forensic analysis workflow and remediation suggestions to prevent another similar event from happening.

Disputes and Litigation Support

When ambiguities or disagreements occur, it is important for all evidence to be presented at all stages to support the legal team. Deloitte Forensic works with organisations and their legal representation to provide insights and the understanding needed to strengthen their case. Our team of professionals assists companies and their legal representation in assessing risk and damage exposure, performing financial analysis, providing expert opinion and testimony, providing discovery, and computer forensic services as well as document reviews.

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Oo Yang Ping

Oo Yang Ping

Malaysia Forensic Leader

Yang Ping is the Global and AP Leader for Conduct Watch and ClaimsView. Conduct Watch is a secure and seamless end-to-end whistleblowing solution, helping organisations accelerate how they identify, r... More

Graham Dawes

Graham Dawes

Executive Director – Financial Advisory, Forensic

Graham is an Executive Director with the Deloitte Southeast Asia Forensic practice, based in Malaysia. He was formerly a partner in Deloitte Africa for 12 years. Graham has vast experience combatting ... More