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Financial risk

Deloitte helps organisations across the full lifecycle of financial transactions. From governance and processes to technology and reporting, our services can enhance transparency, efficiency, compliance, and financial integrity.

Our services

Market and Credit Risk

In an evolving regulatory landscape, Deloitte’s Market and Credit Risk services support clients in their efforts to assess, design and implement market and credit risk solutions for governance, reporting, model development, data and technology. We also assist clients in asset level reviews, analytics and cash-flow modelling, structural and document review and post-closing compliance testing.

Capital Management, Liquidity and Treasury Risk

Businesses within and outside the financial services industry need to make the most of their money while meeting their financial and regulatory obligations. We transform and globally scale clients’ treasury and commodity trading capabilities focused on large company events, including M&A, Finance Transformation, responding to regulatory requirements and changing market conditions from commodity and currency volatilities and liquidity conditions.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Risk

Business decisions are driven by numbers. If the numbers lack integrity, management cannot trust that they are grounding decisions in robust financial information. Therefore, any plans put in place are built on shaky ground. We assist companies with changes in accounting and regulatory requirements, capital markets transactions, acquisition and divestiture transactions. 

Treasury Advisory Services 

Our team provides independent, tailored services for corporates, treasury centres and in-house banks, from mid- to large-sized, in all areas of treasury management and related technologies. We work with treasurers, treasury teams, CFOs and CIOs to help them address key challenges facing treasury organisations by offering a deep treasury experience across the entire spectrum of services that a treasury team needs.

Treasury Transformation

Treasury transformation covers a wide variety of areas: treasury opportunities in global finance transformation, operating model, global liquidity and cash repatriation, cash forecasting, in-house banking and cash management, bank rationalisation, intercompany netting and settlement, FX exposure identification and hedge strategies, expansion into new markets, accounting impacts of treasury transactions, and treasury fraud and controls.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on the other hand, looks into issues such as treasury due diligence, treasury carve-outs and standing up new treasury departments, treasury merger integrations, treasury technology build and clone, as well as value creation strategies (working capital optimisation, debt financing).

Treasury technology

The rapid development of modern technology has given rise to the invention of tools designed to enhance the speed, safety and efficiency of treasury operations. Our treasury technology includes treasury systems architecture and strategies, treasury systems selection, systems integration and configuration and project management.       

Model Risk Management

Deloitte works with clients across all areas of model risk management, introducing leading industry practices as well as developing technological solutions to help our clients achieve scale and sustainability in their model risk management. Our experience spans a broad range of models, including those at the forefront of the industry and the most complex model-use environments.

Deloitte offers a range of model risk management services such as organisation and governance, model lifecycle management, model control framework, model risk management processes and technology, and model risk quantification. These services are designed to enable financial services clients to improve modelling performance and model risk governance, across all components of their model risk management frameworks, while complying with the strictest regulatory rules and standards and effectively navigating regulatory approval processes.

Organisation and governance

Organisation and governance service mainly focuses on model risk management framework enhancement, reporting and analytics, model risk regulatory engagement and model approval support, as well as model risk management training. Our model lifecycle management service, on the other hand, covers model development, model inventory assistance and model documentation.

Deloitte’s model control framework emphasizes model validation and ongoing model risk monitoring. In addition, our model risk management processes and technology service explores model technology solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning for process automation and model improvement. Lastly, the model risk quantification service covers risk quantification and risk-rating.

Insurance Risk Services

We work with Insurance and Takaful organisations to help improve profitability while balancing the demands of regulatory change and shifting customer expectations. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together specialists in actuarial, risk management, strategy, operations, technology, tax and audit. Our insurance advisory service offerings primarily focuses on assisting clients to achieve effectiveness, relevance and standards that are up to date with leading practices. 

One of our insurance advisory service offerings is IFRS17 which includes a gap assessment, financial impact assessment, implementation, financial instruments valuation and hedging and hedge accounting advisory. The risk management service offers ICAAP and capital management, risk based capital, conduct risk, cyber risk and recovery and resolution planning. We also provide services in digital transformation, strategic sales and distribution, Takaful, project management office, data governance and management, internal audit and treasury advisory. 

Capital/Liquidity Risk Management and Transformation

Businesses within and outside the financial services industry need to make the most of their money while meeting their financial and regulatory obligations. This means optimising their cash flows, recovering trapped liquidity and capital across multiple locations and ensuring they are in compliance with the relevant regulations. Deloitte helps clients deliver complex projects related to the assessment, design and implementation of governance, processes, models, data, technology and reporting related to capital, liquidity and treasury risk management.

Deloitte’s capital management and measurement service clients with ICAAP, stress testing, and Pillar 3 disclosures and reporting. Aside from that, we also focus on liquidity management and measurement, particularly on the management of liquidity systems and infrastructure. Our team of specialists work closely with clients to understand their businesses and formulate a practical and effective recovery and resolution plan.

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