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Risk Advisory by industry

Deloitte focuses on 6 core industries and serves a range of sectors within each industry. We are recognised as a leader by independent experts across most industries and capabilities of any professional services provider.


Consumer products companies are looking to maximize profits and market Deloitte’s Global Consumer Industry group delivers results with a team of international professionals providing integrated services to clients around the world across four sectors: Automotive; Consumer Products; Retail, Wholesale & Distribution; and Transportation, Hospitality & Services.

Energy, Resources & Industrials

Deloitte's Energy, Resources & Industrials (ER&I) Advisory practice provides comprehensive, integrated solutions to the Industrial Products and Construction, Mining and Metals, Oil, Gas and Chemicals and Power and Utilities sectors. Our solutions include a wide range of advisory services that focus on the challenges and risks that impact our clients in every sector of the industry.   

As a result of ever changing regulations, political and economic factors, market pressure and new technologies, companies must now consider a growing number of risks that often impact multiple facets of the organisation. With our extensive industry knowledge and in-depth expertise in Global Risk Advisory, we help organisations become Risk Intelligent organisations. Risk Intelligent organisations manage risks to both create and protect value.

Financial Services

As financial institutions navigate today's unpredictable economic and regulatory landscape, the pressure on risk and compliant operations are increasing. Deloitte is ready to help manage any risk associated to Financial Institutions. We offer end to end Risk Advisory solutions for the Financial Services Industry, including internal audit, IT and cyber audit, anti-money laundering audit, regulatory compliance, regulatory transformation, risk analytics and modelling and more.

Life sciences & health care

The Life Sciences and Health Care sector is facing a wide range of major challenges driven by the need to protect current earnings, transform business models (to do more with less) and grow new businesses in related areas. Our Life Sciences and Health Care industry group strives to support clients in addressing the challenges that impact today’s industry. Our member firms' global network engages with clients to develop innovative solutions to help them achieve their business missions.

Ongoing challenges include: patent expiration, pressure on pricing from generics and greater focus on comparative effectiveness, increasing attention on enforcement of regulations, new healthcare laws and regulations, fraud and counterfeit, privacy and security and risks associated with diversification into related businesses (e.g., consumer, branded generics and medical risk management devices). Strengthening capabilities and building organisation resilience are essential during a period of major change.

Government & Public Services

Government & Public Services face unprecedented risks - and opportunities. With change driven by political uncertainty, budgetary constraints, constituency demands, technological innovation and regulatory pressures, governments around the world are rapidly transforming. Clearly, new approaches are required to minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities facing government and public services organisations.

The Global Risk Advisory practices of Deloitte member firms help governments around the world improve performance and achieve objectives. Through a Risk Intelligent approach to managing financial, technology, regulatory and operational risks, Global RA assists government and public services organisations in their efforts to deliver value to their constituents. The range of Global RA services span issues such as budget constraints and accountability, financial reform, healthcare reform, security and privacy, aging population and technology.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry group brings together one of the world’s largest pools of deep industry experts – respected for helping shape some of the world’s most recognised TMT brands and helping companies of all shapes and sizes thrive in a digital world. Our team conducts research and develops insights to help business leaders see their options more clearly.

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