M.Charge: Electrification Gets Smarter

Optimise your electrification strategy

M.Charge is an AI powered big data platform that simulates potential economical and environmental impact of your electrification strategy and provides optimized infrastructure rollout plan.

Problem Statement

The current EV infrastructure rollout is often fragmented and not optimized, which leads to poor customer experience and low operator profitability, both of which are strong barries for EV adoption.

Key Benefits

  • Customer: Reduce charging anxiety
  • Operator: Shortened plan time, enhanced profitability
  • Power Grid: Reduced burden, enhanced utilization

Key Features

Demand Estimation
EV charging demand estimation based on multi-parameter local adoption modelling

Infrastructure Planning
Charging point specification and distribution rollout planning to maximize utilization

Impact Simulation
Simulate customer, financial, and environmental impact based on suggested infrastructure plan

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