Indirect tax recovery and advisory  

Generate enhanced insights into global indirect tax positions 

Manage indirect tax refunds and cash flows 

To recover domestic and foreign sales and use taxes—including value added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST)—many businesses rely on time-consuming manual processes to gather sales and use tax recovery information and prepare and submit refund claims. 

Deloitte’s indirect tax recovery professionals provide advice and practical support to help businesses process and manage VAT/GST refunds more effectively. Our global network supports an end-to-end process, from identifying opportunities through data collection and analysis, preparation and submission of refund claims, and any follow-up.  

Using Deloitte’s proprietary tools and technology, businesses around the world can streamline processes and increase transparency, reducing the time and expense of VAT/GST recovery. 

Data analytics for indirect tax

Deloitte professionals—with expertise in tax consulting, compliance, process management, and ERP customizations—apply data analytics across business applications, including indirect tax recovery and advisory. Data analytics tools and techniques can help companies better understand their indirect tax position as well as identify hidden risks and opportunities.

Deloitte’s proprietary solutions, Revatic Smart and Indirect Tax Data Analytics Smart, help you:  

  • Automate analysis and tracking of global indirect tax at a transactional level 
  • Detect data patterns and reveal insights through interactive visualizations and dashboards 
  • Identify risks and opportunities and find ways to better manage cash flow 
  • Perform tax benchmarking between entities or VAT registrations to gain deeper insights into tax processes and profiles  

Learn more about our portfolio of services 

  • VAT/GST automation helps companies improve global business and tax insight, data alignment, efficiencies, and transparency.  
  • VAT/GST advisory provides local and international VAT/GST advisory services.  
  • Global trade automation helps companies develop automation strategies to simplify operations, analyze data, and manage risks and costs.  
  • Global trade advisory includes services related to both fiscal and non-fiscal regulations, as well as non-compliance penalties and consequences.  
  • Export controls cover the US, EU, and other jurisdictions’ national export control regulations. 

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