Muzafar Kamal Mahmood

Executive Director, Risk Advisory

Muzafar Kamal Mahmood

Level 16, Menara LGB

1, Jalan Wan Kadir

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Kuala Lumpur



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Muzafar is an Executive Director at Malaysia's Risk Advisory Practice, specialising in Internal Audit, Corporate Governance as well as Risk Management. He is experienced in Financial Audit Review, Internal Audit Review, Risk Identification and Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management, as well as Corporate Governance Review. He has been trained in Internal Audit Methodologies for business processes which enables him to identify risks and establish an internal control structure that covers the roles and functions to assist the Audit Committees and Board of Directors of Public Listed Companies as well as Government-Linked Companies to discharge their responsibilities in relation to ensuring good systems of internal controls. He is actively involved in high level COSO based reviews of internal control systems and risk-based internal auditing projects and has experience in planning, conducting, and monitoring internal audit reviews across a range of industries focusing on Government-Linked Companies as well as Clients operating in the transportation and infrastructure business.