Aad den Hertog

Audit FSI Audit Leader NL


Aad den Hertog

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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With the full Banking & Capital Markets Audit & Assurance Team I’m focused to deliver high quality auditing and accounting expertise to our clients who are active in the Financial Services Industry.

Due to my long experience in the FSI Industry I’m able to act as a solid sparring partner that can help the Board and Those Charged With Governance to focus on the topics that matter.

Within Deloitte in the Netherlands NL I’m responsible for the Financial Services Audit Practice. Through my different Leadership roles I’m leading and guiding our unique teams towards full personal development. Empowerment and creating new career opportunities are on top of mind while investing in people and teams. With my teams we are focused on delivering an innovative, digitive and sustainable audit experience to our clients.

My client portfolio consists of leading Mid-Sized & International Banking clients as well as disruptive key tech-first payment companies in Europe.

Aad den Hertog