Hilary Richters

Risk Advisory Lead Digital Ethics


Hilary Richters

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Hilary has over 14 years of experience in executing large data-driven and complex regulatory and compliance projects as well as executing regulatory transformation projects within the Financial sector. In the projects that she lead she observed the increasing prominence of advanced digital technologies to assist in the efficient and effective delivery of business outcomes.

Over these years Hilary has seen tremendous growth in possibilities in how technology and data can be used, for good - as well as in the wrong way. As is often the case with disruptive new technologies like AI, regulation is trailing behind the expectations of stakeholders. The standard for being perceived as a responsible business is much higher than merely adhering to laws and regulations. Because of her interest in helping clients to do good for society through the use of innovative technologies, Hilary set up the Digital Ethics team and together with this team created the Digital Ethics program. This program seeks to understand and embed societal values in a practical way in organisations, giving them the tools to follow their moral compass when using data and technology.

Hilary Richters