Jason Jie

Human Capital Manager


Jason Jie

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At Deloitte Human Capital, I advise organizations and coach leaders in their journey towards becoming more inclusive.

Often part of a larger culture transformation, I facilitate lab sessions to create awareness for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); form holistic strategies based on data and; make actionable what interventions are needed to remove bias from structures, processes and stimulate inclusive behaviours using nudges.

Leading the Inclusive Leadership proposition in the Netherlands, this program for (sr.) leadership helps assess how inclusive leaders are perceived by themselves and their work environment in a 360 degrees online assessment. The personal coaching sessions are the most insightful and powerful part of this journey. Using the scientifically based ‘Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership’, leaders identify strength and growth areas and define personal actions with the coach that can be implemented immediately.

For me, the conversations and stories during the lab sessions and coaching sessions are inspiring. It is exciting to work together with organizations to define what DEI means in their context and to work together on the transformation.

Jason has more than 7 years of experience in organizational change in a variety of industries. He lives in Hilversum together with his partner Peter. Born in a Surinamese-Chinese family, cooking and food has always played an important part in his life.

Jason Jie