Lucien Engelen

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Edge Fellow in Global Digital Health

Lucien Engelen

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As an Edge Fellow for the Deloitte Center for the Edge, Lucien leads Global Strategy on Digital Health and pushes the needle on a global scale for the needed change of the operational model and the H-UX as he coined it; the Healthcare User-Experience.

He helps corporates understand and act on the current and future grand challenges within health(care) and aims to (re)shape the health(care) sector.
Lucien has decades of experience within healthcare innovation: lastly 11 years as an advisor to the executive board at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He was also the founding director of the well-known REshape Center for Health(care) Innovation at Radboudumc. Lucien also initiated the Health Innovation School and build this in co-creation with the Dutch Ministry of Health into a (inter)national effort.

His modus operandi is always challenging, creative, sometimes provocative but always techno-realistic. His goal is to prepare for a ‘soft landing into the future’, meanwhile creating a sustainable global health(care) for all.
As a public speaker, he touches on how the intersection of technology and patient empowerment is creating momentum for the delocalization of healthcare, and the shift of data in the hands of patients.

Succeeding his former books, in Spring 2018 his new book Augmented health(care): “the end of the beginning” was launched in Barcelona, Spain during the HIMSS conference.

With over 800.000 followers Lucien is one of the initial 100 official LinkedIn influencers, happily keeping his followers up to date on all (healthcare) innovations.

Lucien Engelen