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Marije Staman

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Marije Staman is partner at Deloitte and leads the Consumer Business Industry for Deloitte in the Netherlands. Marije has 15 years of national and international tax experience and is used to deal with complex tax issues relating to cross-border transactions, cash repatriations, financial and international tax planning. 

She has extensive experience in all Corporate Tax fields with respect to larger national and international clients, relating to providing tax advice on international group restructuring / reorganization, M&A, management buy-outs, IP and tax planning and the implementation of group financing arrangements. 

Marije has always been part of the integrated M&A team in the Netherlands. Since March 2014, Marije is Partner at the Amsterdam Office for Consumer Business Tax. She is also the lead tax partner on large clients in the Retail sector, and has a large portfolio of both local and international hospitality companies. In 2015, Marije was appointed as Consumer Business industry leader for Deloitte in the Netherlands.

Marije Staman