Marly Kiewik

Human Capital


Marly Kiewik

Orteliuslaan 982

3528 BD Utrecht


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As a driven and innovative leader, I am always seeking ways to think and act differently to improve the health sector. I like to collaborate to rethink the future of health. I like to talk to doctors and nurses about creating circumstances to give meaning to the work they do. I see my purpose as making a difference in organisations, and making sure others can do that as well. Next to that I like to stimulate young talents to create a purpose-driven career at Deloitte.

To make sure healthcare remains accessible for all, we must transform the way it is delivered and elevate the human experience. Health professionals’ efforts during COVID-19 taught me that by using human-centred approaches, we can uncover opportunities to improve their work and care for patients. I take pride in my ability to interact with various stakeholders for lasting change – for example, I can switch easily between talking to board members and patients with disabilities or dementia.

Marly Kiewik