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Monique van Kraay

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Winning with Alliances – Better Together!
Per September 2021, Monique has started as Head of Ecosystems & Alliances. An important role in an ever changing world where strong partnerships and collaborative ways of working with the wider partner ecosystem is increasingly important.
Monique’s initial focus will be two of Deloitte’s larger partnerships, SAP and Salesforce, but she will also work closely together with the Alliance Office to create an overall strong collaboration model with our ten most strategic partnerships.

Monique has a long career in the IT industry, working for IT companies ranging from Sun Microsystems, HP and Cisco Systems, to being part of the launching team of Workday Benelux, embracing transformational cloud strategies and platform thinking for HCM, Finance, Planning & Analytics.

Partnerships have been a central point during Monique’s career and it is her firm believe that strong alliances will create growth and continuity in the business. This is not a task but a journey with our alliance partners and Monique is really looking forward to embarking on that journey. Trust & transparency will get us there and it is indeed Better Together!

Monique van Kraay