Onno Vos

Financial Advisory

Partner Corporate Finance

Onno Vos

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Onno Vos is specialised in M&A transactions and risk financing/investments. He leads the Business Services sector team.

Onno closed a wide range of deals, varying in scope and ranging throughout multiple sectors (including business services, consultancy, secondment, software development and services, fintech, data centers & hosting, internet and e-commerce, media and telecom, (food)retail, packaging, construction and engineering, machinery import and production, yacht building, financial services and insurance).

Previous to Deloitte, Onno was Partner at Boer & Croon Corporate Finance which merged with Deloitte in 2019. Other positions include: PARK corporate finance (equity partner), Gsus Sindustries (board member international sales) and Valuas Zorggroep (executive director).

Onno Vos