Rozemarijn Bloemendal



Rozemarijn Bloemendal

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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I co-lead the Deloitte legal Corporate team, that advises on and effects international re-organizations, cooperation’s and ventures and that provides further services ad pre and post M&A services and that provides further Corporate advise, such as on Corporate Governance, compliance and directors liability and conduct.

Prior to joining Deloitte I was the Head of Legal of KLM N.V. advising board and management on broad legal matters and structuring, decision making and governance, operating from a multi-disciplinary approach. I started my career at Van Doorne N.V. (a top tier Netherlands law firm). I specialize in Corporate law, (group) governance, directors liability, employee representation, holdings and joint ventures, (international) M&A and corporate finance. I am both performance and people oriented.

Rozemarijn Bloemendal