Integrated Annual report

Integrated Annual Report 2018/2019

Deloitte Netherlands

We welcome you to the fourth Integrated Annual Report (IAR) of Deloitte Netherlands. This Report shares information about our strategy, value creation and related performance and impact for the financial year that started June 1, 2018 and ended on May 31, 2019.

'After three consecutive record-breaking years in terms of revenue and profit, we experienced a stabilisation including a slight drop in margin and earnings performance in 2018/2019. In the year ahead, we will focus on further investing in quality, innovation and talent, and on building higher quality in our revenues.'

Hans Honig, CEO of Deloitte Netherlands

On left-hand side: Engelhardt Robbe, CQO, On right-hand side: Mario van Vliet, COO.

Our financial performance

The primary drivers of our revenue growth were our advisory businesses, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Consulting. All grew at double digit rates while our core assurance business stabilised and Tax & Legal also achieved growth. Our result before taxation and management fee ended at €167.6 million (2017/2018: €167.7 million).

Our Plan 2020

In 2015, we announced our Plan 2020. This plan has six strategic pillars that we believe are vital in making a sustainable impact:

  • Ensure quality
  • Become the premier career destination
  • Accelerate growth and innovation
  • Improve our client portfolio
  • Establish lean operations
  • Seek internationalization

For each of the pillars, we defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and set target values to be achieved by 2020.


The KPIs are highlighted in the graphic below and are explained in more detail in our Integrated Annual Report (IAR) 2018/2019.

We are positive about the execution of Plan 2020 over the past years, although our performance does not yet meet our goals in some areas. To further build on Deloitte’s impact that matters, during 2019/2020 our newly elected Executive Committee will launch the new Plan in line with the new strategy from Deloitte North and South Europe.

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