Integrated Annual report

Dutch Integrated Annual Report

Integrated Annual Report 2019/2020

Deloitte - The Netherlands

We welcome you to the fifth Integrated Annual Report (IAR) of Deloitte Netherlands. This report shares information about our strategy, value creation and related performance and impact for the financial year that started June 1, 2019, and ended on May 31, 2020.

‘It has been an unprecedented year. In the first three quarters, we were fully on track in executing transformative engagements with clients across all industries. The fourth quarter presented us with one of the toughest challenges we have ever faced in our history. We are immensely proud of the commitment and positive engagement of our people, and the steps taken to ensure safety and continued support for our clients. Deloitte stands well prepared to address various potential scenarios of the future ahead.'

Executive Board | Deloitte Netherlands

Strategy 2023

The new strategy builds on our previous Plan 2020, which has been successful. The aim of Strategy 2023 is to elevate Deloitte into an even more purpose-driven organisation and culture with strong values, and the ability to provide clients with guidance and direction in our rapidly changing world.

Financial Performance

We had a solid performance in 2019/2020 with revenues in excess of €1 billion for the first time, despite challenging circumstances in the fourth quarter. Most of our businesses showed continued growth, and innovation expenditures remained stable. Our operating expenses grew as a consequence of an increase in our workforce. Furthermore, we have increased our investments in learning, innovation and technology at local and global levels.

Our year at a glance

Facts and figures of Deloitte Netherlands in FY20

How did we make an impact?

Our responsibility as a organisation to actively contribute to society is one of the key elements of our strategy. We strive to be a valued part of society through the services we deliver in both the public and the private sector. With our Deloitte Impact Foundation, we focus on making an even bigger impact on society by encouraging our people to share their knowledge, energy and talents. In this section, we highlight some examples of impactful projects started by our colleagues.

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For more reports, you are invited to download the previous Integrated Annual Reports and our Transparency Report. As Deloitte Netherlands, we are part of Deloitte North South Europe, find the link to our NSE Stories without borders below. In addition, you can also view our the Deloitte Global Impact Report.

Disclaimer: Because part of the photography in this integrated annual report was created prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, in some instances there is less than 1.5 meters distance between people in the photos.