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We believe it is important to share our knowledge with clients and business relations. Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in a training course together with our Deloitte Cyber Risk Services professionals.

Course overview 2021

Introduction course

Introduction to Cyber Security | See the program here
Cyber Security for non-technical and starting professionals.


Exam preparation courses

CISM Preparation | See the program here
Prepare yourself for the CISM exam with compact 3 day preparation program.

CISA Preparation | See the program here
Become a Certified Information System Auditor with this three-day program which prepare participants for succesfully passing the CISA exam.

CISSP Preparation | See the program here
Prepare yourself for the CISSP exam in only five days.

GICSP Certification | See the program here
Would you like to become GICSP certified? Prepare yourself for the GICSP exam in only 3 days.

Hacking courses

HackLab: Malware Analysis | See the program here
This hands-on training enables participants to make their first steps towards malware analysis up to the full reverse engineering of the more advanced types of malware.

HackLab: Hardware Hacking | See the program here
The practical 3 days course provides insight into the most common hardware communication protocols and how to abuse them to gain access to sensitive data on the devices, or make devices behave differently.

HackLab: Hands-on Hacking | See the program here
This training will explore the world of hacking and shed a light on how hackers work. 

HackLab: Android Security | See the program here
This course explains how Android’s architecture has improved over the years and what’s being done to reduce the likelihood of such attacks happening.

HackLab: Red Teaming Operations | See the program here
This practical training provides participants with a solid foundation for performing covert operations.

Introduction to Cryptography | See the program here
The goal of this training is to give the participants a basic understanding of the cryptographic concepts and the involved risks.

Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence | See the program here
From the basis of intelligence analysis to creating actionable insight into adversaries and their malicious activities.

Key Management & Payment Security | See the program here
This training provides insight into key management practices and the security aspects of payment environments.

Data visualization | See the program here
The size and complexity of data are growing fast, together with the possibilities to analyze data and translate it into insights. At the same time many companies are struggling to present these insights effectively so that they can be used for decision making. With this course you will learn about the basic principles to effectively design data visualizations.

In-house training, custom training and learning programmes

Deloitte has extensive experience in the field of advising and assessing the information security within governments and business. Our team consists of more than 45 specialists that describe "ethical hacking" as their passion. The knowledge, experience and passion are reaffirmed in the recent Global CyberLympics: a world championship that consists of multiple preliminary rounds which contain both offensive and defensive security challenges. Deloitte has won three times.

Deloitte Academy offers more than just the training courses refferered to before. We also provide in-house training courses: anything from standard training courses to training courses customized to your organisation. We can even set up a full learning programme uniquely geared to your organisation.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about the costs or to receive an offer. With a relatively low number of participants an in-house training can already be more advantageous than a regular external training. would you like more information please contact us at

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