The three must-haves of modern CDO leadership


The three must-haves of modern CDO leadership

How CDOs can build multi-talented insight teams

Digital transformation has made data the lifeblood of modern business. To enable corporate strategy and respond to change, information must flow seamlessly to (and from) every part of an organization without blockages or impurities that might slow circulation. If data is the blood, today’s CDO is becoming the heart, ensuring information is pumped out to business users when needed and cleansed for use after it’s collected.

Elevation to such a central role may have caught some CDOs by surprise. The
role has only existed for a decade and originally came with a remit weighted towards managerial responsibilities. In the post-COVID, digital-first era, today’s CDO is expected to help boards devise a corporate strategy and even own or enable parts themselves.

Read in this whitepaper about:

  • The three abilities CDOs need to bear that can drive a business forward.
  • Driving cultural change to enable non-technical users to use data intuitively and generate their insights.
  • Enabling corporate strategy by creating a single platform for data management. And
  • The technical knowledge CDOs need to implement data platforms.
The three must-haves of modern CDO Leadership
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