Internal Controls Refinement


Internal Controls Refinement

Optimizing internal controls with digital solutions

Considering global market trends, companies seek Deloitte’s guidance on how to make their primary and secondary controls more effective and beneficial for their main operational activities. Control changes must show clear and immediate value, as well as relevance and suitability for the business, in the current market situation.

Digital transformation is changing the way controls work. Companies need to update their Internal Controls frameworks to keep pace with the fast and frequent changes – especially in technology. We help our clients explore new possibilities and design new, improved and value-added frameworks.

We aim to achieve optimal controls standards and smarter controls by helping clients build an effective and robust controls operating model through:

Rationalization: We simplify and streamline controls to reduce costs and time spent per control. We use various methods to rationalize controls, such as providing clear instructions for controls execution. We identify quick wins, such as situations where controls are inefficient or error-prone. Rationalization helps to eliminate or consolidate controls and also to optimize risk analyses.

Automation: There are different ways to automate controls, but the most common is to use existing ERP functionality. Automation should always start with ERP controls. We also use other technologies to digitize and automate controls. We map and identify automatic controls based on Deloitte’s process house and best practice controls.

Formalization: "If the control is not described, it is not present", is a golden rule. This requires careful ‘controls design’ and clear controls descriptions – both to document the risk coverage and to clarify the controls execution and validation. Good control also takes into account access rights and segregation of duties between performer and approver. We help with applying best practice controls design principles through a ’desktop’ exercise and/or a validation with the controls performers.


Christian Bout

Christian Bout

Global Accounting & Reporting Advisory Leader

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