The CIO & Tech Leadership Programme


The CIO & Tech Leadership Programme

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Deloitte’s CIO & Tech Leadership Programme is designed to help senior technology leaders get ahead — and stay ahead — of the challenges and changes facing business, technology and their executive roles. Through market-leading insights into technology trends and CIO benchmarking studies, through professional development programs and labs, and through peer-to-peer executive networking, we keep CIOs informed and prepared to meet today’s demands and move ahead with confidence.

The CIO & Tech Leadership Programme offers peer-to-peer executive leadership and networking offerings to keep leaders informed and prepared to meet today’s demands and move ahead with confidence. Market-leading insights into technology trends, tech leadership benchmarking studies and actionable, thought leadership to enable leaders to get ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.

Next Generation Academies

Preparing future leaders with our Next Gen CIO Academy. The academy identifies high-performing, high-potential future technology leaders. It prepares them for the diverse and challenging responsibilities they will face when they take the step up to a CxO position. The agenda, shaped by current and former CIOs & CxOs, Deloitte subject matter experts and industry leaders, delivers a bespoke, relevant and hands on learning experience for all attendees. The two-to-three day event also offers an unparalleled networking opportunity with future, current and former CIOs & CxOs and Non-Executive Directors of some of the world’s biggest organisations.

Transition & Team Labs

Helping newly appointed Technology Leaders hit the ground running with our Transition & Team Labs. Based on targeted research and more than 700 conversations across the globe, we have crafted an exclusive experience to support CIOs and Tech Leaders. The intensive one-day lab in our tailored environment is built to help attendees understand their priorities and sharpen their focus on three key priority areas: time, talent and relationships. Leaving with a detailed 180 day plan, the lab allows a transitioning Executive to be confident on how they can go about achieving their goals and creating their legacy.

Events & Forums

Facilitating cross-industry networking with our CIO / Technology leadership events & forums. We provide CIOs, technology executives and senior business leaders with an opportunity to meet, share and learn together as part of a wider NL & Global community.

Tech Research & Insights

Predicting the even changing technology landscape with our Tech Trends report and Tech Leadership study. We gather inputs from hundreds of senior business & technology leaders to develop our flagship technology insight reports. These reports enable organisations - including our own - to make considered investments in disruptive technologies and be ahead of the curve.

Providing comprehensive and practical thought leadership perspectives to inform strategic decision making. CIOs are under enormous pressure – for today (as stewards of the largest line item capital expense) and for tomorrow (to successfully deliver new products and services to the business; responsible for helping drive innovation and be the catalyst for change). To help leaders navigate the changing landscape, Deloitte offers a vast array of actionable business insights backed up with technical knowledge and research.

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