New Edge Fellow at Deloitte’s Center for the Edge


New Edge Fellow at Deloitte’s Center for the Edge

The Edge Fellow Program provides transformational expertise with a unique selection of visionaries who collaborate across disciplines to create positive change across Europe.

Deloitte’s international strategic think-tank, the Center for the Edge, is delighted to welcome Carlo van de Weijer as its newest Edge Fellow. His industry experience and visionary thinking will help us jointly explore a more sustainable future for mobility, and bring new perspectives to board-level conversations.


The Center for the Edge is a strategic think-tank, where we explore what the relevant future might look like, push the boundaries of mainstream thinking, and apply these to long-term business strategy. Although part of Deloitte, we operate at arm’s length and independently of transactional engagements, so we can think outside immediate project priorities. As a small research group, our role is to apply intellect, rigour and imagination to our subject matter. We bring high-grade knowledge, fresh thinking and the ability to examine and challenge underlying critical beliefs about the future, in a way that clarifies and expands the horizon of strategic possibilities


Deloitte founded the Center 15 years ago in Silicon Valley, where it developed a close working relationship with Singularity University. In 2013, we opened a European base in the Netherlands, and now employ a small team to apply that research, both externally and internally. Much of our value comes from building trusted relationships with CEOs, allowing us to challenge their assumptions about the future. Meanwhile, we collaborate closely with Deloitte’s businesses through our distinct Zoom Out, Zoom In strategy approach. In essence, though, we are flexible and adaptive: as a small and agile team, we can quickly drop in and out of assignments or client conversations without becoming locked into underlying priorities and mindsets.

Topic focus and Edge Fellows

Sustainability is a unifying thread running through all our thoughts and insights. Four of the key themes are the Future of Energy, Future of Food, Future of Health and Future of Mobility, and each brings important questions about how business can become more responsible and sustainable. Clients rely on the expertise the Center brings to think more broadly about overall systems and interconnection, with such a holistic outlook being the foundation of most strategic approaches to sustainability.

The future means nothing without the present, and our Edge Fellow programme keeps us connected with current industry-leading practice outside of Deloitte. Our Edge Fellows bring visionary thinking, outstanding global expertise, and a wealth of board-level industry connections. While they remain autonomous and typically work with us around one day a week, Edge Fellows connect the Center with invaluable subject matter expertise, while accessing Deloitte’s execution power, to put thinking into practice. Of our present Edge Fellows, Constantijn van Oranje is a world leader in digital innovation and incubating technology ecosystems, while Lucien Engelen brings rare expertise in the user experience and operating model for digital healthcare. 

New Edge Fellow: Carlo van de Weijer

The Edge Fellowship is now enhanced by Carlo van de Weijer, a leading practitioner and thinker about sustainability, with whom we share a passion for exploring how mobility, in particular, can shape our future society. With a long career in the automotive and transportation sectors, Carlo serves on the supervisory boards of several high-tech companies, as well as mentoring and investing in student teams who now work at some of the Netherlands’ most exciting technology start-ups. For the past four years, Carlo has also been a weekly columnist in the leading Dutch financial newspaper.

Carlo outlines three potential approaches to today’s sustainability challenge: denial, degrowth or technological innovation. Denial, naturally, is a non-starter; degrowth merely buys us time, and is only a partial solution; so the answer must come from technology. As natural resources become depleted, society has always relied on technology to provide alternatives, and the future will be no different. 

One focus of our collaboration with Carlo will be smarter mobility in cities, to consider how mobility and sustainability relate to town planning and the movement of people and goods. Another will be clean transport, with a particular focus on aviation, including the development of electric aircraft and sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs). Carlo’s depth of knowledge, breadth of vision and prized industry connections across all areas of mobility will help us challenge and inspire how CEOs and strategists think – and help reframe their vision of the future. 

Carlo van de Weijer

For more information about the Edge fellows Carlo, Constantijn and Lucien please have a look at this page

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