Scaling the transition towards zero emission fleets

In collaboration with Chargetrip, Deloitte ran simulations to evaluate the feasibility of transitioning to a fully electric fleet using actual data from 200 routes.

Companies should holistically tackle their strategic choices regarding fleet electrification now, given its environmental benefits, cost savings, regulatory incentives, and the necessity for preparing for a sustainable future. The intelligent transition towards an electrified fleet can be achieved through simulating and constantly balancing the investment required with the benefits gained, within and outside the current operational boundaries.

Discover more about the key considerations for fleet managers in last-mile fulfillment companies aiming for full electrification and learn how scaling electrification requires a balance between operational feasibility, service level, and financial performance.

How to scale the transition towards zero emission fleets

In this Point of View, we examine the impact on financial performance of decarbonization through fleet electrification without implementing operational changes or service level adjustments.

We assess the balance between required investments such as the amount and type of EVs and the infrastructure required with the business benefits such as the maximization of kilometers driven by EVs and the on-premise charging.

What key beliefs are necessary to support an electrified last-mile delivery model

In this Point of View, we examine the impact of complete fleet electrification, and the potential operational changes, service level adjustments and ecosystem engagement on financial performance.

We dive into what key beliefs are required to build an environment where electrification can drive decarbonization for all routes, touching on topics such as distribution network set-up, order profiles, service level adjustments, and asset sourcing availability.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact Arjan de Witt and Floris Hebben to discuss the opportunities for your business.

Feel free to contact Bram Lentz, Arjan de Witt, Floris Hebben, and Sammie Cools to discuss the opportunities for your business.

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