Creating successful mobile solutions is an end-to-end process


Creating successful mobile solutions is an end-to-end process

A look at the keys to building mobile ecosystems in the enterprise

Mobile transformation in the workplace is about more than building one or two mobile applications for your employees. To truly empower your employees through mobile technology, you must consider identifying the core opportunity behind an initial problem, select the right digital touchpoint for the solution, ensure you are keeping users at the center of the solution, take steps to ensure delivery quality, and leverage solutions toward greater organizational transformation.

The role of mobile devices in our daily lives has changed radically in the past decade. We use them in our personal life to communicate, stay informed, shop, track our health, manage our lives, and much more. Mobile devices and applications have also been gaining a foothold at work. Employees are increasingly expecting the same smooth experience they get in their personal lives to communicate, manage their days, stay informed, and more. Mobile gives employees access to the right tools and data at the right moments so that they can do more in less time.

While many organizations started to provide their employees with mobile solutions, only 37 percent of surveyed employees indicate their workplace is advanced. There is significant untapped potential to strengthen organizations by empowering employees through excellent employee experience by leveraging mobile solutions.

Deloitte has identified five key pillars for developing employee experiences using mobile solutions, which are explored in more detail in the whitepaper:

  1. Identify your core issue/ opportunity,
  2.  Select the right digital touchpoint,
  3.  Keep your users at the center,
  4. Ensure delivery quality of solution, and
  5. Transform your organization.
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