Elevate the experience of Digital Customers


Elevate the experience of Digital Customers

The Future of Sales Series

What does the future of a digital customer look like? And how is that different in a B2C versus a B2B environment? What selling strategy should we pursue? How should I and can I embrace this with my Sales reps? And how can we use technology to our advantage? All these questions have become increasingly urgent due to the COVID pandemic and companies have been forced to digitize.

Future of Sales series

Our subtitle “Elevating the experience of digital customers” already addresses the trend that customers look for experiences that are personalized and include tailored interactions and offerings. Rather than selling a product or a service, customers expect frictionless buying journeys. As most companies are not organized around the customer experience yet, departments operate in silos and still rely on traditional sales strategies.

Customers use many different digital channels to gather information. They expect that across all touchpoints the experience is intuitive, makes sense, and most importantly is relevant. That means that most legacy companies need to transform their company and data structure in order to organize around the customer experience. Streamlining customer data in CRM systems can ensure that Marketing, Sales, and Service departments blend. An essential change in the organization then arises around your Sales Reps. How do we make sure that Sales Reps truly understand the customer and then are able to deliver a personalized service approach? By using the right sales methods and digital tools, Sales Reps are empowered to understand the customer’s requirements and create personalized solutions that will enhance the experience of your customers.

The Future of Sales series presents:

What can you expect?

In the Future of Sales Series, we help our customers with crafting a sales experience that’s human-centered and future-ready. In the coming year, we will address the following topics:

  • Our Net Zero Cloud team is the go-to expert on sustainability solutions. They would advice on how to structure, visualize, and report your data, allowing you to make decisions more effectively and reach your sustainability goals faster.
  • The Subscription Economy is about new business models that focus on nurturing and monetizing direct digital relationships with customers. Our team would show you how business could shift away from selling units, to finding ways to monetize those direct, digital relationships.
  • Our Future of Sales team has analyzed selling in the Energy, Resources, and Industrials Industry. Our Point of view addresses the topics of sustainability, service and future pricing within the industry.
  • CPQ enhances sales productivity across channels by automating or guiding the processes around product configuration, pricing, and quoting in order to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right prices.
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