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The Ramp

Your Innovation & Inspiration Talks

Listen to our podcast ‘The Ramp’ in which we discuss the latest and greatest on innovation, design and customer strategy.

The Ramp is a Deloitte podcast where we invite specialists and business leaders to share their adventures in the field of innovation, design and customer strategy. Gain insights in the latest trends, methodologies and achievements.

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Design Talks – Miniseries

In this mini-series we invite Deloitte leaders to ask them intriguing questions and discuss interesting topics. They tell us about their personal experiences, visions, ambitions and how these translate to our service offerings – the work that we do.

Miniseries 01: Design at Deloitte

This Talk features Abby Godee, Robbie Robertson & Fredrik Oscarson on discussing what Design at Deloitte stands for and how it differentiates from other companies. We focus on what makes our designers special and touch upon the various design pillars that we offer.

Podcast 01: Chatbots & Digital Assistants

“Computer says no!” Impersonal, non-empathic and never of help. Assumptions that many people still have when they think of digital assistants. But this is not correct anymore. The rapid development of cognitive technologies such as AI enable unparalleled, approachable, personalized and tailored interaction between organizations and their customers. In this first episode of our new podcast series The Ramp we discuss together with Bob van der Berg (Deloitte, Specialist in Conversational AI) and Remco Aagjes (Dutch National Police, Operational Specialist) how digital assistants can elevate the customer experience and increase engagement!


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