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Listen to our monthly podcast ‘The Ramp’ in which we discuss the latest and greatest on innovation, design, business and customer strategy.

The Ramp is a Deloitte Digital podcast, produced by Customer Strategy and Design. It features not only speakers, guests and stories across the entire Customer and Marketing offering but goes beyond the borders of just strategy and design. We invite specialists and business leaders to share their adventures in their projects of the past, while looking into trends and innovations of the future.

The podcast is published on Spotify every month, but right on this page you will find extra content complementary to the episodes if available. Make sure to follow us on Spotify as well!

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January 2024: Solution Transformation

During this podcast episode we tell you all about Solution Transformations, or as some people know it: everything as a service. We go over the trends, pro’s, cons and opportunities for companies and industries that we currently see. Finally, we discuss the impact of servitization on sustainability and other challenges for the future.

As always you can find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and of course with video on Spotify. You can click the image to directly go to the episode on Spotify.

December 2023: Energy Transition Monitor

We have prepared a brand-new podcast episode for you about Deloitte’s Energy Transition Monitor.

Along the stories of the colleagues that worked on this project, you will find
out how the Netherlands is doing in their mission towards their sustainable
energy ambitions. The team explains every detail on how they got to their
findings and even give some recommendations for a more sustainable future.

As always you can find the episode on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud and of course with video on Spotify, just click on the image. 

You can take a look at the Energy Transition Monitor yourself. 

September 2023: Prepare to be Suprised

In this episode of The Ramp Podcast Holly Robbins and  Abigail Koch talk #Insights! Tune in to hear some insights on our listeners, and learn how you can be surprised by creating your own: what is the difference between customer research and Insights, when do you need Insights, and which companies have used them successfully?

Did we mention you can actually see our speakers? Our last two episode have had the same audio-experience that you are used to, but now supported with a video for if you would like to see who is speaking. And even better, you can’t just find us on Spotify and Soundcloud, but now also on Apple Podcasts. Click on the image to visit our podcast on Spotify. 

June 2023: Switch the channel

In this episode Johann Matthai and Florine Bruijn will talk to you about the ever-evolving space that is consumer (customer) retail engagement. Is physical retail dying? How are marketplaces evolving and how can brands leverage these for growth? How is online shopping further evolving into Social Commerce, Quick Commerce and potentially even Metaverse Commerce? Follow them along for a journey of tips, quips and examples to understand how companies can strengthen the relationships with their consumers.

If you are keen to learn more on Social Commerce, please check out our white-paper: The rise of Social Commerce: A growth opportunity for brands | Deloitte Netherlands

May 2023: Growth during challenging times

In this episode Bram and Morris will talk you though a very important and therefore interesting topic: the recession. Because, what do we mean when we are talking about one? Are we actually currently in one? Through some nice examples we come to find the answers to these questions, including some tips for companies to make the best of these more uncertain times.

April 2023: Customer Service Strategy Trends [Dutch]

In deze Nederlands gesproken aflevering spreken we met Robert en Franklin over Customer Service Strategy: het verbeteren van dienstverlening. Wat houdt dat nu eigenlijk precies in, en misschien nog wel interessanter: hoe kan technologie hierbij helpen? Je komt het allemaal te weten in deze aflevering; al raad ik je ook aan om een kijkje te nemen bij het artikel van Robert en Franklin.

April 2023: Customer Service Strategy Trends [English]

In this Dutch-language episode, we talk to Robert and Franklin about Customer Service Strategy: improving service. What exactly does that entail, and perhaps even more interesting: how can technology help? You'll find out in this episode; please click on the link for an English transcript of this interesting episode. 

March 2023: The Next Frontier for CX

In this episode of the Ramp, hosted by Bart and Mo, we talk to Niels and Loek about Customer Experience design. A lot is happening in the field, so we dive deep into what CX actually means, how designers develop CX journeys for companies andfinally what the future will look like!

February 2023: Embracing AI

According to the news of the last few weeks Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, with potentially a lot of changes coming upin the world. What are the things you need to know, and what have our Deloitte colleagues been doing with it?

Sounds like an interesting topic? Then check out the stories of Krishna, Bob, Suzanne, Tomas and Mike, together with ours hosts Luca, Mo and Bart in the new episode of The Ramp. Now with a brand-new podcast formula: a commute of meaningful discussion, anecdotes and facts, together in a journey seen from different angles.

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