Simone, simplifying Dutch text in one step with AI

Our AI-tool to assist those looking to simplify their Dutch communiation

Simone is an AI based solution that can be used to reduce the complexity of text to a level that is appropriate for everyone. Institutions with a lot of outgoing communication to customers or civilians can benefit from Simone in their text-writing process, in order to make sure miscommunication is minimized where possible.

Your challenge

According to market research1, approximately 13% of the Dutch population is functionally illiterate. And in total, over 2.5 million adults have difficulty in understanding ‘basic’ Dutch language. This forms a challenge for all parties that have frequent communication with customers or civilians through letters, emails, and websites. The resulting miscommunication can either lead to ignored, or misinterpreted information.

Our mission

Assist in making texts and communication more accessible to everyone through a simple and affordable solution.

Our solution

Simone is an AI solution that can assist interaction teams in writing clear and simple outgoing communication. It is not meant to replace human intervention in the writing process, but should rather be used as a tool that can provide simple text or help reduce complex text.

The process starts with providing a complex Dutch text as input. Then, the operation is implemented in the cloud, no need for client side computation. After the process is completed, the tool will display the simplified Dutch text. Simone can both be used by text writers and text receivers, and the generated simplified texts of Simone can be used for several purposes such as:

  1. Checking written content
  2. Creating content

Our example

As an example, consider the Dutch text below that has been used in letters to civilians:

Our example

As you can see, the length of the text is significantly reduced, while the essence of the text remains the same: the public instance is aware of the circumstances, but cannot give a solution and is not allowed to be an advisor to the problem. Although the simplified text might seem a bit less friendly toward the receiver, it got rid of the lengthy bureaucratic language. Furthermore, we observe that more active rather than passive language is used.

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