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The Impact Stories highlight the projects that show the power and innovation of Deloitte Consulting and what we can deliver. Stories that show the impact we make when we bring together the capabilities from Customer Strategy and Design, or collaborate with other Deloitte offerings.

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Are you looking for a challenging position at a large professional service provider? Do you want to work in multidisciplinary teams for high-profile clients from all industries? Do you want to translate the market problems of the future into creative and innovative solutions? Do you really want to make a difference? Then we are looking for you!

Customer Strategy & Design

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Whether your marketing team is digitally fluent, or just beginning to make sense of the digital universe, our specialists can help you navigate a profitable path through new digital customer business models, new digital experiences, and transformational end-to-end digital strategies.

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Reach out to Daniel Charité, director for the Public Sector and manager of the Center for the Edge GovLab.