How to grow your scale-up to be a future winner?


How to grow your scale-up to be a future winner

Let’s shape the future together

Full of ambition, full of talent and full of confidence. Future winners embody ingenuity, innovation and foresight. Attracting funding and achieving growth are top priority. Unfortunately, there is no magical formula for scale-up success. But there are proven approaches and methods that make a huge difference. And when the average odds of success are less than 0,5%, that difference can be quite big. As a growth partner, Deloitte can join you on your journey. Want to know how we can work together?

Grow faster and scale-up successfully

Deloitte empowers ambitious scale-ups to grow faster and more successfully. Do you think Deloitte’s high-value expertise is ‘out of your league’? Too big, too expensive, too complex and too much pooha? Think again. We are an ambitious growth partner and ready to support you throughout your scale-up life cycle. We can grow and learn together on this journey, side by side. We connect promising scale-ups to us, to our ecosystem, to our partners and clients, and to each other. We are more than advisors, we are hands-on as well. Using our expertise, resources, network and market position we help ecosystem participants to build a common future. Together we can make an impact that matters and shape the future of tomorrow. 


Almost two thirds of scale-ups are losing their growth momentum between their 5th and 10th year, a phenomenon known as the second ‘Valley of Death'.

Connecting the scale-up ecosystem

The ecosystems that we leverage are the Future of Mobility, Future of Food, Future of Energy, Future of Health, Fintech, Technology Fast 50 and Rising Stars . Different segments with one important common denominator: they are all driven to pursue a sustainable business and at the same time accelerate their growth. But where do you start? Our cross-business expertise has been crystalized into seven key challenges that future winners might encounter, aiming to support you throughout your scale-up life cycle with tailored offerings and solutions. From initiation, through expansion, towards realising value, and beyond.



A solid growth plan is needed to commence your growth trajectory. And a growth plan is all about clearly defining goals and aspirations, and making choices to win in the marketplace. Not only today, but also tomorrow. How do you expand the business to new markets successfully and efficiently? And how do you know when and how to set up a new partnership or insource?

Deloitte can help you build a business model that can manage growth. We can help to make it happen with a hands-on collaboration. And we can partner up to identify and develop potential partnerships.


The scale-up climate is vulnerable to crises. Looking at the financial crisis of 2008, we see a decrease in survival rate, especially in young scale-ups.

Funding & liquidity management

To fuel your growth throughout your scale-up life cycle, it is key to have the right funding mix. How do you find the cash to fund growth? Is it desired and feasible to sell the business or not? And if so, when is it the right moment?

Deloitte can optimise your funding mix throughout your life cycle with a wide array of financing methods, such as debt financing and equity funding, tailored to your needs. And we can partner up to define the right criteria for potential partnerships, make connections with the right people and organisations with cash available, and help you get insight the market.


Talent & organisation

What is a scale-up without its winning team? Retaining and attracting the right talent is one of the biggest challenges in your growth journey. But what do you need, apart from an attractive rewards package? And how do you manage more and larger teams and professionalise your workforce?

Deloitte can boost your talent engagement with an embedded culture to both attract and retain talent. We can work together on establishing resilient leadership to ensure the right team dynamics. We can partner up to structure your organisation in a flexible and scalable manner, with the right roles and responsibilities. We can optimise and implement your rewards through smart salary structures, benefits and policies. And we can use our knowledge and expertise to help build a talent plan with the right focus on recruitment, learning & development, talent retention, or any aspect you would like to emphasise.


Technology, scalability & security

Technology plays an important role in scaling your business. From data management to choosing the right tech platform and cyber security. How do you ensure the data is of the right quality? And how can you make your (digital) product or service world leading and cost effective?

Deloitte can assist you with a wide array of knowledge and expertise. We can support you with application management services, IoT strategy architecture, data modelling and cloud development & integration. And together we can strengthen your end-to-end cyber security strategy and translate and realise it to your specific needs and activities. Scale-up your technology as you grow your business.


Digital operations

As a scale-up, digital capabilities are often part of your DNA. But when you grow, these capabilities have to scale as well. How can you scale your operations, supported by the right IT architecture?

Deloitte can evaluate and refine your digital architecture to ensure it remains scalable, secure and future proof. We can help to increase efficiency through cheap, digitised and automated enabling processes, with the right digital solutions that support this. And we partner up to help integrate new products, services and sales channels into your existing digital capabilities.


Legal, compliance & risk

From contracting to intellectual property to shareholder agreements and many more. There are many legal and compliance hurdles to overcome through-out a scale-up life cycle. How do you tackle these hurdles without slowing down your deal making process?

Legal and compliance requirements increase when you scale up. Expanding to markets in other countries means new requirements regarding data privacy, sustainability and labour law. With our expertise we can make an overview of requirements you need to comply to, and create adequate processes to reduce risks of noncompliance and that fit the maturity level of the company.


Accounting, tax & assurance

Staying compliant as well as guaranteeing your required reporting can quickly become a burden as you grow. How do you keep track of your finances? And how can you make sure your reporting is not just compliant, but also offers clear insights to help you take the right decisions?

Deloitte can help you with assuring accounting, tax and assurance is organised in an efficient way. We can provide you with the deep functional knowledge you might not have, or want to have in your team. Scaling requires compliance to additional rules and regulations that you did not have to comply to from the start. Lastly, we can provide support on how to set up an agile business control function.


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