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The future of construction is digital

Point of view on the business case of Digital Construction 

The constructions industry represents the building blocks of our communities and is, from a wider point of view, a cornerstone of the economy. However, emerging trends as sustainability and climate change form challenges for the industry. Could Digital Construction be the answer?

Peter Sanders & Jurriën Veldhuizen| October, 2019

Digital technologies create opportunities

Digital Construction, defined as utilizing digital technologies to construct more efficiently with higher quality, could provide an answer. But, when we look at IT investments, the construction industry has historically underinvested in technology. Still, we believe that digitalization presents a significant opportunity to not only deal with these challenges, but to use them to thrive.

View on Digital Construction

To share our ideas on Digital Construction, we wrote a point of view on the business case of incorporating digital technologies into the construction industry. 

In this point of view we dive into:

  • The trends that shape the industry’s future and how digital technologies create opportunities for these challenges 
  • The learnings from new entrants in the form of ConTech start-ups and tech giants, and how their ways of working differ from each other
  • The call to actions for construction incumbents

Get your copy of the paper

Do you want to understand the future of the construction industry and learn about the roll digital technologies can play? In our point of view we share our ideas on Digital Construction. Read the paper here or use the button on the right.

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If you want more information or have any other questions about the Digital Construction, please contact Peter Sanders orJurriën Veldhuizen via the contact details below.

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