Deloitte Tech Trends 2023


Deloitte Tech Trends 2023

A brief history of the future

Deloitte’s 14th annual Tech Trends report explores the impact of emerging technology opportunities in the innovation areas of interaction, information, and computation, and the foundational areas of business of technology, cyber and trust, and core modernization. Through the stories of pioneering organizations, we note what’s happening now across sectors and geographies, highlight new technologies and approaches that stand to become the norm within 18 to 24 months, andproject where the trends could be headed next during the coming decade.

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Discover key insights and actionable advice for business and technology leaders. See how the entire history of IT has been a steady evolution of the same three enduring eternities: interaction, information, and computation. The future of IT willcontinue to march along these same three tracks toward specific, convergentendgames: simplicity, intelligence, and abundance. Explore the three additionalcategories—the business of technology, cyber and trust, and coremodernization—acknowledge the reality that business drives technology, not theother way around, and that extant systems and investments need to play nicelywith pioneering innovations so that businesses can seamlessly operate while they grow. Taken together, these six macro technology forces are the backbone of information technology.

Tech Trends Report 2023: A brief history of the future

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