Deloitte Tech Trends 2020


Deloitte Tech Trends 2020

The next stage of the digital evolution 

Trends evolve in unexpected ways. And often, the most interesting opportunities happen at the places where they intersect. Several of this year’s trends represent fascinating combinations of macro forces and other technology advances.

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In 2020, starts with the promise of emotionally intelligent interfaces and hyper intuitive cognitive capabilities that will transform business in unpredictable ways. We begin Tech Trends 2020 with a timely update on the nine macro technology forces we examined in last year’s report.

These forces—digital experience, analytics, cloud, core modernization, risk, the business of technology, digital reality, cognitive, and blockchain—form the technology foundation upon which organizations will
build the future.

As new Technology Trends have emerged and exploring the major technology trends individually is no longer enough to stayahead—organizations should explore how disruptive technologies can work symbiotically to drive purposeful, transformational change.

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