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Thrive through transformation

A series of perspectives for your post-pandemic toolkit

We have been transported to the future overnight. The decisions leaders make in the coming months will shape their new normal and determine how they can thrive in a post-COVID-19 world. For many enterprises, this means whatever pre-COVID digitalisation strategy they had, it needs to be reimagined. Learn how to thrive through transformation by reading our eight new perspectives.

COVID-19 brings an unprecedented uncertainty which is accelerating the importance digital transformation. In this series of perspectives we will share what we believe is needed to thrive in a post-COVID world. Please sign up here to receive our perspectives via email and to get invited to any future thrive through transformation events.

Strategic Cost Transformation

As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, a speedy economic recovery becomes less and less likely. Most industries need to brace for further disruption and, in many cases, continually difficult (or even worse) business conditions.

There is unprecedented uncertainty about the length and severity of a recession and, importantly, the Dutch government’s ability to continue financial support. Business leaders should recognise that the way they have dealt with this crisis so far may not suffice in the near future. Many should prepare for significant downsizing after a long period of growth.

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Acceleration with control: Digital transformation after COVID-19

Before the term ‘coronavirus’ took over our conversations, ‘digital’ may have been the hottest topic for enterprises.

COVID-19 interrupted that dialogue, pushing organisations and their leaders into waters that were unfamiliar, if not totally uncharted. For many enterprises, whatever pre-COVID digitalisation strategy they had, it needs to be reimagined.

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Focus on Digital Core: Digital transformation after COVID-19

It’s time to retool digitalisation strategies to match the exaggerated pace of acceleration set by the pandemic. As discussed in Deloitte’s article ‘Digital transformation after COVID-19: Acceleration with control’, the goal here is not just to ‘do digital’ but ‘be digital’, and to become future proof – able to weather future COVID-19 disruptions.

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Focus on Digital Work: Digital transformation after COVID-19

Digital is making work better for humans, and humans better at work. The COVID-19 pandemic has risen the bar (overnight) and is creating significant challenges for organisations in all sectors, worldwide. Digital transformations are considered an absolute necessity to remain in business. The ‘people dimension’ of these transformations – covering culture, structure, ways of working and leadership – is seen as the single biggest difference-maker in achieving transformation outcomes.

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Focus on Digital Customer: Driving Growth and Digital Transformation after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has led to overnight shifts in consumer behaviours, values and needs, of which many will become permanent. This opened a window of opportunity to accelerate on the digital transformation and tap into the potential of new growth opportunities. This article focuses on the ‘customer’ side of what is required to drive top-line growth and thrive after initial recovery.

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Strategic Portfolio Management

For many organisations, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has revealed capital to be either the lifeblood of business or under-performing assets that might not be fit for purpose in the 'next normal'. Crisis can allow reflection and fundamentall challenges to strategic goals and portfolios.

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Supply Chain Transformation

The pandemic has revealed how vulnerable global supply-chains are and the economic and political paradigms have changed. On top of that, the fundamental change in customer expectations has caused the role of supply-chains to change from business enablers into differentiators and revenue drivers. These shifts have upset many company priority lists, resulting in supply-chains to become out of date: What’s needed is a rebalancing exercise, to adjust the configuration of supply-chains to better fit current reality

Beyond the Crisis

The first COVID-19 wave seems to be under control in many countries, it might appear as if we are slowly returning to business as usual. But in Deloitte’s view, this is a tale of two worlds, divided by the summer of 2021. We expect a ‘disruption interval world’ for the next year, dominated by multiple COVID-19 outbreaks and corresponding government interventions. Beginning in summer 2021, when a vaccine might be available for the most vulnerable groups, we expect a ‘post-COVID world’, featuring only some of the changes we are experiencing today. Read Beyond the Crisis: Seven critical topics for a (post)COVID-19 strategy 

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