Synchronized Planning


Synchronized Planning

A predictive, insights-driven and future-proof planning environment

Supply Chain Management is evolving, and so too is the planning function. Synchronized planning applies big data, analytics and automation to orchestrate supply chain efficiency, helping business to streamline and accelerate core processes while delivering insights that drive smarter decisions.

Synchronized Planning

Supply and demand have been a part of business since its very dawn. But many organizations today still struggle to get a clear picture of these two forces. That lack of visibility can hamper the planning process and the ability of businesses to act efficiently and effectively.

Too much inventory, too little inventory, products stored far from where they are needed, products moving through the supply chain too soon or too late—these are just a few of the challenges organizations can face.

Supply Chain Management is evolving, and so too is the planning function. Big data, analytics and automation enable planning organizations to mitigate disruptions. Solutions are available for organizations to benefit from greater visibility, synchronized planning and execution, data-driven decision-making, predictability, agility and profitability.

A synchronized planning strategy and vision can help your business to reconfigure its supply chain planning and fulfillment ecosystem, allowing your organization to continually optimize. In this way, synchronized planning orchestrates supply chain efficiency, helping to streamline and accelerate core processes while delivering insights that drive smarter decisions.

Our services

Synchronized planning brings together a wide scope of technology solutions to create an integrated, intelligent planning environment focused on generating new bottom-line value for your business. We bring together the expertise to holistically drive planning transformations covering process, platform, people and data.

We do this by looking at the true value drivers in planning, how can supply chain planning contribute to the overall supply chain strategy and the company strategy. We combine deep content, industry and technology expertise in successfully executing these transformations.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte operates at the intersection of business and technology transformation. Our diverse team of specialists understands not only how to deploy planning solutions effectively—but how to align those technologies with the way you operate and with your business goals. It’s about more than integrating technologies. It’s about deeply understanding the culture, the people and the demands of your business—and then prioritizing them to help you make an impact.

Our key differentiators:

  • Our functional and technical expertise combined with our experts from change management ensure successful deployment
  • Our strong partnership and alliances with technological system providers for Advanced Planning & Scheduling, such as OMP, SAP IBP, Kynexis, and o9
  • Our ability to integrate the Supply Chain, Finance, and Commercial systems in a single architecture
  • Our global presence that brings world-wide cross industry knowledge, process expertise, implementation and transformation experience and capabilities
  • Our track record of delivering successful transformation to clients in many industries, from Personal Health, Food & Beverage, to the Specialty Chemicals sector

Let’s Talk

As business complexity grows and disruption accelerates, how will you respond? What’s your plan for making business planning processes more unified, insights-driven, and efficient?

Contact us to learn more about how synchronized planning can evolve your planning practices and address future disruptions. We can provide a demo of the solution in action, share additional transformation insights, or discuss a specific challenge your organization is facing.

Make planning more intelligent, predictive, and integrated, and begin to take your business to the next level.

Questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

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