Remuneration policy


Remuneration policy

Remuneration within Deloitte Benefits and Pension Advisory

DB&PA applies a remuneration policy that ensures that the interests of the clients of DB&PA are taken into account. DP&BA applies guiding principles that encourage anyone that works under the responsibility of DB&PA will not act against the interests of any of the DB&PA's clients, as well as others involved in connection with DB&PA's activities and business, more particularly in the events where the remuneration and similar incentives may create a conflict of interest that encourages them to act against the interests such clients or other relevant persons. These principles also safeguard that remuneration and similar incentives of anyone that works under the responsibility of DB&PA will not be solely or predominantly based on quantitative commercial criteria, and will take into account qualitative criteria as well, while maintaining a balance between fixed and variable components of remuneration, so that the remuneration structure does not favour the interests of DB&PA or anyone that works under the responsibility of DB&PA over any client. The remuneration policy aims to encourage responsible business conduct and to promote risk awareness and prudent risk-taking. The remuneration policy is gender-neutral.

Remuneration within DB&PA can consist of both fixed and variable remuneration. In case of entitlement to variable remuneration, the remuneration is based on both financial as well as non-financial performance criteria. DB&PA has measures in place that allow for a downward adjustment of variable remuneration in case certain performance criteria are not met.

Over FY22 DB&PA did not pay annual remuneration of 1 million euros or more. The total amount of variable remuneration paid over FY22 was 302.700 euros. This Remuneration Policy also takes account of DB&PA's and Deloitte's position in society. DB&PA conducts for example surveys to obtain insights into sustainability topics. These insights are used in assessing Deloitte’s client offerings and suppliers that are sourced from.

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