Anti-Money Laundering in a Box

Cost of compliance, a more data-driven way of work and a risk based approach are essential elements for setting up an AML process. Deloitte is a leading adviser on Anti-Money Laundering (AML). We have converted all our relevant expertise and knowledge in a set of ready-to-use accelerators: AML in a Box.

Anti-Money Laundering in a Box

The AML Challenge

Managing AML risks and legal obligations is a complex challenge. The regulatory environment requires the AML framework to be compliant and AML risks are identified and in control. Operational AML execution needs to be effective and high quality at the same time.

A risk based approach to AML provides opportunities for customization but also requires substantiation for the implementation choices that are made. We can make this complex challenge manageable with our out-of-the-box accelerators.

Our approach

1. Get in control

Many organizations first require (partial) remedation to become compliant to AML standards. The first step is to get all client files up to standard, and to make client onboarding and transaction monitoring processes compliant. Our AML in a Box accelerators can help your organization in this phase to boost optimization efforts.

2. Stay in control

Once risk based remediations are mostly done, organizations typically face the challenge to optimize their AML framework and operations. How can we further stabilize effectiveness of what we are doing to fight financial crime, while at the same time keep operational cost under control?

Our AML in a Box accelerators help in this optimization process, by leveraging standardized solutions we have tested in the regulatory AML environment before. For example, the box has standardized designs for CDD data refresh as well as event driven and periodic review processes. Our accelerators are designed for a risk based approach, in which AML efforts can be better targeted on key AML risks and reduce operational waste.

Our solution

The following accelerators can be leveraged in isolation or as a complete package. We just handpick from the box what is relevant to your situation:

  • Generic AML policies and procedures.
  • Templates for future-proof AML risk assessments.
  • Templates for AML enhancement plans and regulatory updates.
  • Templates for CDD client file documentation and TM alert review.
  • Standard workflow designs and working instructions.
  • Standard requirements for AML data and AML technology solutions.
  • Possibility to add AML tooling we have selected, tested and helped to configure.
  • Possibility to use Deloitte’s ready-to-use AML cloud platform as an accelerator for all AML technology.


The key benefits of the box include:

  • Being in control of AML risks
  • A sound risk based approach to AML
  • Accelerating operations with building blocks for an efficient way of working
  • Leveraging Deloitte’s expertise and best practices

We understand the challenges you face in combating anti-money
laundering. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in implementing
effective AML solutions tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate to reach
out to us via the details below to request a AML Box or discuss possibilities for your company.

Why Deloitte

Engage with our specialists to benefit from:

  • Thought and content leadership on AML
  • Experience successful delivery of numerous AML projects globally
  • Proven track record with deep industry knowledge


Robby Philips

Robby Philips

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