Consumer Business M&A


Consumer Business M&A

A rapidly changing environment is fueling M&A in the consumer industry

The consumer industry covers the entire value chain of food and non-food consumer products, ranging from production to wholesale, distribution and retail, as well as consumer services such as foodservice and leisure. Despite its wide variety, there are a number of fundamental and overarching trends rapidly changing the dynamics in the entire industry. Consumers are showing an increasing awareness for sustainability and a strong preference for healthy and convenient lifestyles. With the exponential rise of digitalization, a number of disruptive forces, such as the acceleration of new technologies, the increasing level of disintermediation and the emergence of new business models, are reshaping the entire value chain.

Such a rapidly changing environment requires businesses to quickly adapt by investing in their innovation strength, leveraging economies of scale and focusing on activities with a long-term defensible market position. This is where M&A can play a vital role, for example by acquiring new technologies, increasing scale or strengthening focus on core activities.

Globally connected expertise with local presence

Our Consumer Business M&A team has extensive experience and deep sector knowledge in all key areas of the consumer industry. We combine our expertise with a unique, closely-knit network based on close relationships with key decision makers at all relevant sector players, both locally as well as internationally through close cooperation with our international M&A colleagues in the consumer industry. As sector specialists with unparalleled consumer industry expertise, we are able to maximize the value of our clients’ businesses in sell- and buy-side M&A transactions.

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