Enterprise Contract Management & Review Services


Enterprise Contract Management & Review Services

Discovery solutions

An effective enterprise contract management program enables organizations to have visibility into their contract population. This visibility can allow companies to react to business problems by promptly locating and analyzing key provisions across their universe of contracts. Not only can companies identify key contracts faster, they can better facilitate the enforcement of their rights, renegotiate contracts and identify areas of lost revenue or stranded costs. It can help companies meet legal and regulatory requirements in a timely manner and help protect them against the risks of non-compliance.

Our solution

Deloitte can assist your organization by building, reviewing and managing a contract lifecycle framework that helps sustain and secure your organization’s business interests, while bringing efficiency into the process. We work with stakeholders to tailor the approach which may include the following high-level phases:

  1. Project Setup
  2. Contract Chase
  3. Contract Processing
  4. Contract Review
  5. Contract Remediation
  6. Stabilize Infrastructure

Where we can help

Deloitte has the industry experience and analytic capabilities to help identify areas for improvement and a demonstrated strategy to help remediate identified gaps. Some of the areas in which Deloitte can assist include:

  • Risk & Compliance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy & Restructuring
  • Dispute & Litigation
  • Real Estate

More information?

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