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Implementation of the Pay Transparency Directive requires a multidisciplinary approach. With a broad range of specialists, from analytics to legal, we offer a range of pick-and-choose propositions to tailor our support to your needs.

The Pay Transparency Directive explained

The challenge

With the growing importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in society and the EU Directive on Pay Transparency, assessing and addressing gender pay and equal pay are top priorities for employers. The EU Directive introduces a set of transparency and enforcement measures that will have a substantial impact on your current Rward practices and HR processes.

Achieving pay equity goes beyond eliminating gender discrimination; it requires a deeper examination of varying perspectives and a more detailed look at pay data. Ensuring equal pay for equal work remains a challenge for many organizations, and employers are often unaware of existing gender pay gaps. Are you curious to know more about The Gender Pay Gap, why it matters, and what actions need to be taken? Read our latest article to learn more.

Working towards closing the Gender Pay Gap will bring many benefits to both society and employers, including:

All you need to know about the Gender Pay Gap

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Our solution

With the EU Directive in play, it is vital to be pro-active in assessing and acting on the pay transparency requirements, like the gender pay gap.

Given the wide range of processes impacted, implementation of the Directive requires a multidisciplinary approach. With a broad range of specialists, from analytics to legal, we offer a range of standard and tailored products that help you get started.  A good starting point is an initial gender pay gap analysis, a Pay Transparency Readiness or Activation Lab. All supported by our proprietary Pay Equity Platform, which offers vital insights for bringing pay equity to your workforce.

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